Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 79

hello family and friends!

so the most exciting thing ever happened!!!! MY SISTER GOT MARRIED! im so happy for her and so proud also. i loved all the pictures that people have sent to me, so thanks everybody. i was able to send off a couple of pictures this week so i hope y'all enjoy!

so with transfers i got a missionary who lives here and is waiting for his call. he is doing a preparation for his mission. he will stay with me for probably 6 weeks. im really excited because it gives me another chance to train somebody! its cool because he has no experience yet because he never passed in the MTC. he is learning really fast and im excited to work with him. elder lotts new companion is really cool also. his name is elder antônio. i think our district will be able to work alot this transfer and im really excited! i think i will stay here in araguaína lots of time which would be awesome!

we were supposed to have a baptism on saturday, but we had to remark it for this saturday. the guys name is leandro and he is progressing so much! he has a testimony of the church and the book of mormon and is excited to be baptized, he already passed the interview and said that i could baptize him! im really excited for this. you will recieve the pictures next week!

we will have a zone meeting tomorrow that im super excited about because we will recieve letters! elder Johnson and i are having a competition to see who can recieve more. he sent me an email saying that he recieved 11. i hope i can beat him :) 

so, i made 1 year and 6 months on my mission! that was exciting and i was able to burn some pants! i had snagged a pair of pants from somebody who went home a while ago and have been saving them just for this very moment! i cant believe how fast time is going by. it really amazes me. my date that i will come home on is december 27th i think. thats the soonest the president can let me off. do you have any updates on those other things that will determine when i get home? 

sorry that this email is a bit short, but there were a lot of pictures to look at and things to respond to. i hope all is well and im so happy for my family! a lot of things have changed while i have been gone, but just things for the better! i love each and every one of you and you are in my prayers ALWAYS! :)

-Elder Lambert

in the presidents car. it had 8 people (i was in the trunk)
 names that we carved in cement! i will always be in brasil!
 me burning my pants at 1 year and 6 months
 me elder johnson and elder lott

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