Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 78

hello my dearest family!

congrats on the race mom! im so proud that you ran well and am happy your leg did well! send me some pictures!

so we already know about transfers! my companion was transfered to campo maior! he is pretty excited because i told him it is a super good area. Also elder johnson was transferred which is really sad for me. we were really good buddies and i will miss him alot. i will be receiving a local here who is preparing to serve a mission. i don't know what you call this in english. he is a member of the branch and is super awesome :) his name is Michael. it will be super fun to work with him here.

so the most exciting thing that happened was the baptism of saturday! it was such a cool moment and she was confirmed sunday. i know that she will continue strong in the church and be an awesome member. during the baptism the spirit was super strong and we had an investigator there that is also rearing to be batized and it helped him out a lot to see how it is. we are hoping to baptise him this saturday. his name is Leandro. 

another cool thing that happened was that we went to an old folks home two times during the week! i was really fun talking to the people because they all have so much experience in life and so many interesting stories. there are some people there who are so cute! i want to be just like them when i am older. we liked the visit that we did during the week so much that we went back on sunday. Raimundo was one of our favorites so we took a picture with him. we will try to go there on a weekly routine!

something that happened that was a little scary:
we had a little party yesterday for elder bisognin at a members house. it was really cool because lots of people were there and it had really delicious food :) everyone talked about what they liked about him. the scary part was that when we were outside of their house talking, two guys stopped in front of the neighbors house, pointed a gun at him and took his wallet and motorcycle! that was something a little unexpected and shocking. everyone got a little scared after that...

Sunday this week was pretty funny again because a lot of people are traveling still. i feel like a swiss-army-knife missionary. on sunday i said prayers, prepared the sacrament, passed the sacrament, led the music, and gave a 15 minute surprise talk at the end. the last speaker didnt show up so i was called on in the moment. its a little stressful at times, but also really fun to help out so much in some of these things! 

just a random note... can you look through my pictures on my laptop and send me the picture life guarding with the senior water aerobics class? thanks!

sadly i havent gotten letters for a while because the last month the leaders didnt go to Teresina for meetings. at the beginning of August they should go  so maybe i will get stuff then!

i had two more pictures to send, but sadly they uploaded too slow :( i love you all and wish you a great week!
-Elder lambert

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