Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 80


well this week was awesome, want to know why? because there was a baptism!

so just to start things off on a good note, leandro was baptized and confirmed last week. it was a super awesome experience and i loved helping one more person enter into the lords kingdom. he is a great guy and has a super strong testimony of the church. we will start to work with a couple of his friends. 

one sad thing that happened was that alana went back to her city :( we became really great buddies and im so happy to have had the chance to get to know her. she has a really strong testimony and for sure will make a difference in the world. we made sad faces together when she left :)

so we had a zone meeting in imperatriz on tuesday that was very good. it was fun to see my buddies that i hadnt seen in a while. also, i recieved mail! i got two packages (thanks mom!) and a bunch of letters from mom, 1 from g-ma, sisters, and the wedding invite! i loved the invite! it is so pretty! brodie is a pretty lucky man i must say...coming back from the meeting there were two really cute young girls who were sitting behind me and elder lott and they were fascinated that we are americans. they spoke english with us (the little that they knew) and the older one (10 years old) sung a justin beiber song! it was so funny and cute :)

so on sunday we went to the old folks home again and they loved it. they all remember us and get so excited every time we show up. i got in one of the wheel chairs and they thought it was funny :) it reminded me of when i was 8 and broke my leg. we read a couple chapters from the book of mormon and made comments. they are such fun people and it all reminds me of when i worked as a lifeguard with the old folks water aerobics class. its so great!
photo: me and my comp (elder borges)
we have a good family that is continuing to progress slowly, but surely. we were able to mark one more baptismal date with a member in the family! i really really want to baptise them before i leave here. they have a date marked for the 24th. we will keep working really hard to make sure that it happens. i feel like i am finally getting into the rhythm of things!

i love everyone and wish you all an awesome week!
-Elder Lambert

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