Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 75

hello my dearest family!

well i am getting excited for the 4th! i will have to buy some stuff to make pancakes or something... theres nothing better than a good breakfast on the 4th! 

so, just to start out commenting on the confederations cup. yes, the brasilians watch it. i dont think there were even animals in the streets. it was seriously a ghost town during the game. luckily the game fell on our night of monthly planning, so we didnt have to teach at night. if we did, we wouldnt have taught anybody... 

so just some random cool things that happened: last monday, we did a contact with an old man outside of his house who looked really nice. he invited us to come in and talk a little bit about ourselves. he then gave us dinner! it was just a little bit of rice with some meat, but it was so delicious! i could tell that it was made with 100% love :) i think its so cool how nice some of the people are here. he wasnt that interested in the church, but he was a great friend to us! 

another fun thing was that we did some visits with andréia (the recent convert). she is so cool because she really understands how important the gospel is and how it changed her life so she has the desire to share it with EVERYONE! she has been giving us all kinds of references and has been teaching a bit with us. she has been a great help.  

miracles: so we recognized that we are all working really hard in the district, but we arent baptizing very much. i was doing some studies on how we could do better. one thing that i studied was Mormon chapter 9. i realized that we need to have more faith and ask for miracles! we always pray to have the spirit with us and find people, and we are doing that! but what we really need are some miracles. i really learned that prayer is meant to ask for EVERYTHING that we need. we dont need to feel ashamed to ask help from God. it was cool because we had a little meeting in our house and i talked about this. the first day that we started praying for miracles, somebody stopped us in the street and asked us what he needs to do to become part of our church! this is for sure something that doesnt happen every day. this helped my faith grow a lot and i will for sure start to depend on the lord more in my mission. the guy that we met is named Ramon. he went to church on sunday and brought his girl friend! we will follow up a bunch with him during the week.  

on friday, there was a church activity at a members house called quadrilha. its a party that all of brasil has in june. there was alot of fun games and some food. me and elder johnson participated first in a dance contest. there were 5 couples (me and him being one of them) and you had to keep an orange on your foreheads while dancing to fast music. he was the girl and i led because i know the brasilian dances. its called forró. lets just say we were the first ones to lose sadly :( we participated in another one which was a relay race. someone had to blow up a balloon and the other person had to grab it and run down the yard to pop it on the chest of another person waiting. then you had to do the same thing going back. it popped great the first time, but the second time i ran into the man and it didnt pop! we sat there hugging each other trying to get it. we had to back up and chest bump. i won a screw driver, elder johnson won a calculator, and irmão rocha won an apple :) lets just say it was lots of fun :) 

well, this week we will travel to imperatriz for a zone meeting. i hope i get letters! i'll be sure to keep y'all updated on the news!

i love all you!
-Elder Lambert

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