Wednesday, July 17, 2013

hello family!

 so transfers are coming up! they will be next monday, maybe by the next email i will already know whats going on so that i can let y'all know. i hope i stay! i am really liking this place and the people here. we have some really awesome people that we are teaching, and also the members are super fun and loving. its starting to hit me that my time is slowly coming to an end! i will make a year and a half in the mission in 10 days! i am still far from coming home, but this time will pass by really fast. whenever im not working or studying i start to think alot about home. its exciting that i will be able to see you soon!

this week was another great week of work and miracles. one big problem is that everyone is on break right now. usually its not too big of a problem, but in little cities like this one, almost everyone leaves to visit beaches or family. just to top things off, the branch had a temple trip. almost all the members left saturday and wont get back until next sunday. it was so funny in church because the missionaries were doing alot of the work. everything went well for who was there, but it was a little more stressful. 

one thing that was really confirmed to me this week is that my thoughts are not the lords thoughts and my ways are not the lords way (scripture in isaiah). we had alot of things that we planned to happen during the week  and none of these plans worked out, but because they didnt work out other miracles happened! it was really cool to see how the Lord works. sometimes something has to go wrong so that something more important happens. 

before lunch one saturday we were able to watch the USA vs Brasil volleyball game! that was really fun and exciting, but a little bit sad because we lost :( its the random things like this that make me happy in life!

we are excited for the baptism this weekend of alana! she is really progressing and it is so cool to see. her mom says that she always sees her reading the Liahona now and the scriptures and that she has already changed a bunch in her behavior. she is excited to be baptized and feels really good about it. 

well the internet went down. i hope i will be able to send this bfore leaving!

i love you all and wish you a great week!
-Elder Lambert

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