Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 74

well hello family!

so this week was an awesome week for our district. there were lots of good things that happened. so i laughed really hard in the internet cafe when i figured out brodie got destroyed on the tube. its also nice to have a little excitement before the wedding :) 

so the coolest thing was the baptism of somebody named andréia. she is a woman in the the other groups area, but i was able to teach her a couple times on divisions and she has brought us to some of her friends houses. she is was cool and the best part was that she chose me to baptise her! i was super thrilled and it was such a spiritual moment. she will be a very strong member here in araguaína. 

so another awesome thing that happened was our hammock sleepover! we all put our hammocks outside one day and slept. it was super fun and a great bonding moment :) the new missionary has already bought one so he was able to participate also. im sure this will become a tradition of ours.

ANOTHER awesome thing (this week was just great) was an activity that we planned! we planned 'night of the desserts' - everyone needed to bring a dessert and there was a quick message, then we all ate! it was cool because the people brought the recipes so you could learn how to do some new stuff. me and elder johnson both made some pretty good ones. it was a great activity because there were lots of visitors; i think more than members. everyone bonded great! 
so michelly's family has progressed alot. we brought a family over there that are members and we were able to mark a baptismal date with the whole family! so there are the two parents, and two kids. it was so great and i got super happy. i want to baptize a family so badly! i set it for dad's birthday (july 13th). i thought it would be a good way to celebrate :) sadly the whole family had to travel over that weekend, but they said that they will go when they get back!  

so the new missionary almost died because his second lunch here in brasil was the farthest lunch in our area. its like an hour and a half walk. it was funny because when we told  him we were 1/4 of the way he thought we were already there, then 1/2 he REALLY thought we were there. it was funny because we were telling the truth the whole time. he got lucky because during the dessert part we were able to hitch hike a ride which cut half an hour off the journey. welcome to brasil elder lott :)

photo- big leaf
on wednesday, we had a contacts contest. we could see who could do the most contacts in the zone from after lunch until 6. we talked to every single person who passed us on the street and  alone i was able to fill out 100 surveys! i was pretty happy about that :)

I learned that i have a very big mouth :)

well, sadly my time is up. BUT i was able to send some pictures! i hope all is well in zion!

-Elder Lambert

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