Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 70

Hello my beloved family!

so i guess i will start with the interview with the president.  i just talked with him for a bit about my mission and what i need to do better and how i can help my district. he was happy with my work so that made me happy :)

we took a day out of our week to do contacts again and we got a bunch of new good names. we are having kind of a struggle finding new investigators. this week didnt really work to contact new people because we lost a couple days because my comp was sick. 

when we were in the church organizing the contacts, some random guy showed up who lives in california but was visiting his future wife. he pretty much told us to baptize her, but sadly she lives in the other area. he took a picture of me and elder johnson at church and said he would send it to you in a text. i gave him your number, but i dont know if he sent it or not...
pic is of my hands after our service project....
on saturday i did a division with the aregentino. it was super fun and there were some cool miracles that happened. we found some really awesome people to teach in their area that wasn't even planned. we  joked around a bunch and a member gave us some food! *(as you can see in the picture) 

one night we had a super awesome FHE at the house of two young women who are members, but their parents arent. it was an awesome lesson because a member family came and left the message. i love family nights! 

the last pday we helped a family move into the branch. it will be awesome to have them here because they are really strong members and i think will help out a bunch the branch. the cool thing is that i met their son and daughter in the CTM! the daughter is finishing soon.

something awesome we did today was make an american breakfast with a member that served in las vegas! we made bacon, eggs, pancakes with syrup, and ORANGE JUICE! it was so much fun and sooo delicious. i gave him the syrup extract as a present

 photo- this is how me and elder johnson do things
wow, time went by fast this week. it took a while to upload the pictures. but to finish off, just figure out what you have to do to get me home in time for school. i cant believe i have been out for a year and four months! it passes by so fast. i am starting to get sad now thats its going by so fast, but getting so excited to see my family.
i love you all!
-Elder Lambert

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