Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 68


so the whole city lost internet yesterday after i used the computer for about 5 minutes...
i dont have much time to write because things will be crazy this week,

i absolutely LOVED talking to y'all on mothers day. i hope it was a very happy day for all, it sure was for me! i pretty much caught you up about the stuff here in araguaĆ­na. i will tell you about some funny things that i have been doing with the other missionaries here. on thursday, we had a meeting with the zone and we had to take a 6 hour bus ride to get there. me, the other american, and the argentinan like to joke around a bunch. returning back to araguaĆ­na we had a MMA/UFC fight on the bus. its super funny because us three always like to wrestle each other. we were all joking on the bus ex: they locked me in the bathroom for like 15 minutes, we would hit each other when someone would fall asleep and at one time elder johnson got a plastic bag put over his head :) sadly, i dont have my camera with me to send pictures. i was sitting next to elder johnson and we double teamed against elder de los santos who was on the other side of the aisle. he slowly took off his seatbelt, then lifted up the armrest and threw us both on the ground in front of our seats. it was super funny and the people behind loved it.

on pday we had another UFC tournament. we started out with me and elder johnson vs elder de los santos and he tapped out the first three times. then we did it me vs elder de los santos. this was interesting because he weighs 230 lbs. i took him down first and we stayed wrestling on the ground for a bit. no one ended up tapping out, we stopped after 5 minutes and nobody had won. elder johnson went against him afterwards and put him in an armbar and elder de los santos tapped out. it was super fun and will probably become a normal pday activity. im sure dad had some days like these. 

i think the next weekend we will have some baptisms! we have been working with a less active couple that have two kids ( 8 and 11) who arent baptized. they are wanting the kids to be baptized. we are going back tonight to mark a date with them! i hope all works out!

well, sorry this email wasn that exciting. i hope i will be able to send pictures next week! i love you all!
-Elder Lambert

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