Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 66

hello family!

ohhhh the adventures that i have to tell you all :) so today we will find out about transfers! im super nervous because i think i will go, but i dont want to leave here...

so on tuesday, i did a division in altos with a new missionary, elder rodrigues. it was fun working with another new guy and being able to help him out. i have already make some super strong friendships there from the few visits i have done. one really cool thing that we saw is two goats fighting! it was super intense watching them smash their heads together with their horns. i hope the picture turned out!

picture of lightning!

on wednesday, i did a division with one of the missionaries that lives with us. another cool thing that happened was that we saw an alligator! its funny because campo maior is a city that is in the middle of nowhere, and it just has a tiny pond in the middle, but it has alligators! we were walking along and he was just chillen in the grass. i wanted to get a closer picture, but somebody was bitten a week ago and almost died... soooo i decided not to :)

the division was cool because we were able to teach i think one of the richest people in campo maior. the house was SO big! i think some of the houses in the US will be very shocking when i go back home.
on thursday, we left with our recent convert (fabrício) to show him how it is to be a missionary. he really liked doing the visits with us, and it was cool hearing him pray and share his testimony a lot. he got so excited that he wanted to see how we work starting when we wake up. saturday, we planned to do a full day with him. we met him at the church in the morning to do all of our studies together, he ate lunch with us and stayed the whole day! one day he will be a very good missionary.
on friday, we had lunch with my buddies aelson and kelly. after lunch kelly taught me how to make dusters! a duster to clean houses and stuff. its super cool because everything is natural. you take palm leaves and you cut them in a special way and do all sorts of stuff and the inside comes out! you can see what the inside is like on my leg. after you doit with a bunch ofleaves, you put them together and attach it to a stick. it was lots of work but super fun and a cool thing to learn. i will see if i can get one from them to send to yall :) not everyone has made a duster from palm leaves!

photo: me with aelson, kelly, and their baby
in one neighborhood in the afternoon we made friends with some drugies! they were all high and stuff and the asked us what we were selling and we told them we preach about jesus. they got super excited and asked us to preach to them :) the loved our message and now every time we pass there they want to hear something. one time, they were fighting with each other and we got there and they stopped to hear our message, it was so funny :) i love making friends!
sunday was awesome! so a couple weeks ago with the branch presidency, we had planned to do a special sunday devoted to misisonary work. everyone was encouraged to bring friends. we had fasted on saturday that everything would work out. on sunday, our priority family went and 6 other people! it was a very strong testimony builder of fasting and that it works. i was so overfilled with joy to see everyone there :) during the sacrament meeting, me elder waltenberg and the branch mission leader sang! it was a really cool song that we sang and everyone loved it :) i hope...i was also able to do something that i had never done before! there was a sick family where we ate lunch, so we got permission to give them the sacrament. the funny thing was that they didn't have bread, so we blessed a cracker! it was a cool experience. it was the first time i blessed the sacrament on the mission. 

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