Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 71

hello my fabulous family!

so i never heard anything more from president about my release date. i will see if i can follow up with him about it. im nervous for you too mom! i hope that everything gets ready super fast so that you can run in ragnar! one thing that i learned in the mission is the power of priesthood blessings. you should ask for a health blessing from dad. people in the US never really ask for them i realized, here people ask for one whenever they are sick. i think its super cool because it shows that they have faith that it will work, and it does! im excited to go kayak riding when i get home with all the other fun adventures i have planned! im glad you liked the pictures, sadly, my memory cards are getting kinda funny, it has all the stuff there, but sometimes doesnt let me send them, today is one of those days. i have so many things that i want to send but it doesnt work! and if you would like to send me some more syrup, you are more than welcome :)

so this week was an incredible week of miracles! working with our contacts that we had done and some other things we were able to find a bunch of new investigators. this was very needed here and i am super excited about it! we passed almost all of our goals for the week and just fell short of three of them. we are starting to work pretty well together. i hope the Lord will continue to bless us this next week! 

on tuesday, the zone leaders came and i was able to do another division with elder rais. it was really awesome working with my trainer again. a funny thing that happened was that we taught a super rich lady and she had a bear skin rug on the ground. i commented on how cool it was and thought that she would like if i told her that we have an antelope head on our wall. so what happened was that she got really mad at me and thought it was a very wrong thing to do; i got a bit confused... 

on thursday, i did a division with elder johnson which was super fun. we work really well together and it was fun giving him a couple tips. he and i are like the exact same situation as when i was with elder spackman.

on saturday we did a service project which was pretty cool but some hard work. 

tomorrow we will have a zone meeting in imperetriz, maybe i will get mail!

sorry this email was super short, i had alot of other things to respond to.

i lvoe you all!
-Elder Lambert

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