Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 67

so i am now writing my emails from a place VERY far away called Araguína in the state tocantins. so the transfer was pretty crazy, i will talk more about it in a bit. so the pres sent you guys an email? what did he say?! im curious :) so about skype, i will skype here at 8 at night, i guess it should be 4 there? im not exactly sure what the time change is, if its 4 or 5 hours. and for mother amy and nat, congrats on the 1/2 marathon! im  happy you guys were not running in boston! all the brasileiros talk to me about the bomb that exploded there. i am attaching lots of pictures so i had to cut the size down alot, i hope you dont mind. 

1-last pizza lunch with tiago and assis

2-family night before leaving

3-saying goodbye to presidente gildásio

4-leaving from the bus station

5-everyone saying goodbye through the bus window and making hearts <3

so first off with the transfers.... so i am in a place super far away called araguína. i live with one other companionship. my companions name is elder bisognin. i was SUPER sad to leave campo maior, when i found out that i was getting transfered, i got really sad. i loved that place so much and i miss the people there a bunch. i have seriously never felt so much love for people in my life. i really hope i can return after my mission. the one great thing about the transfer is that i also always wanted to come here. it is also a branch which i really like. and now i  have officially passed in the four states of the mission! 

on my last p-day, we visited some people and at night we did a huge family night. it was really cool to see and say goodbye to all the people. it was a really special gathering for me because some of the people shared what they liked about me. when it was my turn to bear my testimony and talk about campo maior i cried a bunch :´( at night i packed my bags and got ready for the trip the next day;

on tuesday i started my journey to araguína. i got on my bus at 2 in the afternoon and didnt get off until 12 in the afternoon the next day. it was a solid 22 hour bus ride :) it was nice to think about lots of things and reflect about my mission. 

1-meat hanging in the street

2-me with some whiskey aka water :)

3-my sweaty butt

4-us getting a ride to lunch with the branch president (presidente alves)

so here in my home i am with a brasilian companion and the other companionship is an american and an argentino. during my couple of days here i have gotten to know the leadership of the branch, some other members, and the important investigators. i really really like the president and his wife, they are super cool and i'm excited to work with them! some other random things that have happend that were exciting are that i ate a PB&J! that was the first one in a year and three months... also, today the argentino made homemade pizza which was super good.

church here was cool on sunday, there was an attendance of 54, the branch is still growing here. i liked meeting the other people and am excited to work with them. the hard things about here is that it is really humid, so i sweat alot, and the area is huge! sometimes we have to walk an hour and a half to get to lunch, and thats in the other area so we have to walk all the way back after. the area is super super super big. there is a lunch thats even farther that we will have to go to this week. i hope everyone is very good health wise! i love you all
-Elder lambert

1 pizza!

2-pepsi that is 3.3 liters!

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