Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 69

hello family!
i still have not been able to talk much to president. i will be interviewed on thursday, so i will talk to him then. but i will think and pray very seriously to know what to do.

so this week will definitely be a week to remember! this week was one that alot of things went very right, and also president was here! its always nice when that happens.
the first thing we did was we organized a competition to see who could do the most contacts in one day in the zone. so 2nd place did 54, and first was was..... US! we printed out a bunch of surveys and asked literally every single person that passed us. we did 237 contacts :) i have never talked so fast and to so many people in my life!

on saturday, we did a service project moving a giant pile of clay from one place to another. my hands are pretty destroyed and my back kinda hurts, but it was fun :)
another funny thing we started doing is me and johnson are joking around alot with elder de los santos. i dont know if you guys have seen the "messin' with sasquatch" advertisment for jack links beef jerky, if you havent, watch them. we are doing something similar. elder de los santos is sasquatch and we always pull pranks on him and we get beat up. we have 7 videos already :) i will try to send them through email one day.

the week was pretty hectic, but its more fun that way! its nuts to think that this week i will make 1 year and 4 months in the mission. it passes so fast!

the other thing that was great were the baptisms! so this week was the branch conference. during the Saturday session, each companionship here had two baptisms. the baptisms worked out great and it was a great meeting. the president was impressed. they were also confirmed on Sunday. it was cool because the family was being reactivated and the dad got to baptize his kids.

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