Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 49

hello my dearest family!
oh how great it was to talk to y'all on tuesday. you are all so very great and we have such a darn good looking family :) so first i would love to thank you all for the wonderful letters and presents. it was super awesome opening presents with my buddies and feeling just a little bit like we were back in america. christmas makes me a little sad here because nobody does anything! thats why it was awesome to be with americans :) we uprooted a tree in our back yard and put it in our house with some lights on it and put all our presents under. christmas day we woke up and we all took turns opening them up and showing to the other what we got. its funny how child like you can be on the mission, but it was super fun. the night before, we sung christmas carols to people who were out on the street, but in brasil, the only people on the street at night are drunk, so that means we sung to a lot of drunk people! it was super funny and they all loved it :) we ended christmas eve night with a big dinner with the zone and the president and his wife. the food was great and it was fun to see everybody. 

sadly this computer wont send attachments.. i tried :( for christmas lunch, we went over to our buddy's house, welton, and we ate lunch there. it was really fun and he loved it too because he just lives with his dad and we wanted some extra company. i brought my pepper grinder to eat with him because he loves stuff like that. he loved it so much that i decided to give it to him as a christmas present and he got super happy :) i love making people happy! later that night we went to talk to our families!! it was super awesome and everyone was there! i didnt know that the entire family would be there, so that was a nice little surprise. later at night, we just talked to one of the members, and then went home. it was a great christmas :)

wednesday was kind of a miracle day for us. we just kinda felt like knocking on doors on this one street just in hope to find some new families. we ended up staying the entire day on one block. we met 4 families that are really cool and lots of people! i dont know if any of them will progress, but we got the important step: finding them! it was a very needed day because we had cut everyone the day before...

friday night, we were working in a different area and some lady gave us some water that tasted nasty... that night i spent the whole night throwing up which kinda stunk and i also had to stay in bed saturday. it was nice to rest, but it stinks when you feel like crap the whole time... i'm better now, but every once in a while i feel like i'm going to throw up.

sunday was really good, but sadly we still havent been able to get our families to go to church! i don't know why they won't go, we have done everything. we will keep working though and try different things.
today is new years eve, so everyone will be drunk, so we will go to members houses to do family nights. i love doing family nights. we still have to go to bed at 10:30, but everyone says that it will be impossible to sleep because of the noise. we will just have to wait to see what will happen...
sorry this email isnt that exciting, but we had to do a bunch of stuff on the computers, so i didnt have much time to write to you guys :(

i totally got denied in the center again today! i went to send my 8 letters that i have written, but the mail center was closed because its new years eve! i still havent been able to send this huge stack of letters!!!
i love you all!
-Elder Lambert

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