Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 48

hello my dearest family! 

so today is christmas eve and i am super excited! i absolutely love christmas. i had elder davis open my packages to see if stuff was wrapped so we could put it under our tree so don't worry mom, i didn't peak. i saw the picture of dad in italy at christmas time with the snow, so i decided to take some pictures showing where i am at christmas time. i think you will be able to tell from the pictures that i am in a very hot, dusty, and not very christmas looking place. i just know that when i see a cactus, i dont think of christmas. i'm super excited for tomorrow because we all have presents that we will open and it will be awesome! tonight we will gather as a zone to sing christmas carols to inactive members and then have a zone dinner at one of the chaples. we can also stay awake until midnight!!!  my life is getting so crazy now :)

this week i braved brasil and took my camera for a day. here are some funny pictures of the things i saw. they include a dog that tried to kill us, i funny metal man (notice we put a book in his hand), a dog skull on the ground, i bench on a cliff, and also i guy who was chopping up and cooking a pig! it was really funny because he owns a bar and there were tons of drunk people there and we asked if we could take a picture and they all got super excited that there were americans taking pictures. i love brasil. they drink beer for breakfast lunch and dinner.

december 21st was also the predicted 'end of the world'. we got a LOT of questions that day. we decided to celebrate it also by buying a pizza! the pizza here is not quite the same, but its good to fill yourself up :) 
something that you guys don't know is that there is a prophet here that has also predicted the end of the world two other times and nothing happened. i'll attach a video. at about 1 minute is the best. its when they started shooting gas bombs after nothing happened and everyone was trying to kill him...


this week was a little interesting. we were able to teach alot, but all of our good families stopped progressing :( that means we will cut all of them! we will go back to knocking on a bunch of doors this week just in the search of new families. i worked with elder davis the last two weeks and will stay with him probably for the rest of the transfer. elder spackman is now better, but is really busy with problems in the mission. 
some news that is really exciting is that we get to go to a post office today! i have a couple letters i will send. i just hope that some of my friends didn't move addresses lately or they wont get them! we will also go to the center to look around. still i havent been there yet. i will look for cool things. i'm super excited to call tomorrow night! thats really all that i can think about right now, so this email probably won't be very long...
i am trying to be the best missionary that i can be and make the most out of these two years! i am so grateful for all your love and support. i hope i show it enough sometimes! i love you all and wish you a very merry christmas!
Elder Lambert

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