Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 45

hello my dearest dearest wonderful family!
i bore my testimony about how great you are mother and father :)

this week was an interesting week, not because bad things happened, but because it was just straight up interesting. i have never been so happy working here in the mission. i have finally mastered the vision of how the mission should be, and i'm living it. it is the greatest thing ever! i am not baptizing every day, but i am oh so happy :) i did stay here for the transfer and nothing changed in the area.

monday-for pday i wrote a bunch of letters, but sadly there is no post office here, so i still havent been able to send them... have patience with me people! the assistants werent here, so i worked in elder davis´ area at night. we are starting to get our house reformed THANKFULLY! it is so ugly. after 20 years with missionaries living there, it is not very attactive.. two elders named elder abreu and elder colby showed up to be our companions for a week while the assistants are traveling

tuesday-my day with elder abreu was super awesome! we taught alot and were able to find new families who are pretty good. he taught me a new way of planning that i really liked too that is really effective. a new elite family that we met are named aglésio and simone, sadly they arent married, but they are willing to do anything to have an eternal family :) we went back to the other elect family (josé and raimunda) and shared another lesson with them. she said that she had talked to her friends about how much she loved our visit so we challenged her to invite these families to listen in on our lessons the next visit. 

wednesday-we were able to teach lots of lessons during the day again and help leidimar integrate with a really cool lady who lives close to her. nothing super exciting happened though, 

thursday-we tried to teach aglésio and simone again, but they werent home :( however, we did meet another elect family (paulo and sebastiana). they are way cool and want to be baptized to start a new life. sadly again, they are not married. we have alot of weddings to plan! you can call me the wedding planner :) we had a great meeting with our ward mission leader and made some really good designations and planned an activity for this friday (7th).

friday-we just had a pretty normal day here. some thing very interesting is that we went to the old man's (luís) ex wife so we can settle his divorce so we can marry him! she was like a 75 year old woman who is super cranky and it was so hard for me to restrain myself from grabbing her by the throat. they have been out of communication for over 15 years but she will not sign the divorce papers because she is mad at him because he left her. she just has a grudge, so she wont let him be happy... its really good that she is old or otherwise i would have fought with her. we passed by acelino's house and discovered a miracle had happened! he had worked every other sunday in the morning, so he couldnt go to church every week, but on his new schedule he only works every other sunday in the afternoon! now he can go pretty much every sunday! he was so excited because he was about to talk to  his boss about this, but the lord blessed him greatly for his good desires to obey the commandments. it is so cool how that works. at night i worked with a different elder named elder howe and we were able to go to josé and raimunda's house. they had invited two families to learn with them, but they both traveled :( but it was so cool that they actually invited people! we taught them about the standards of the church along with the word of wisdom and they agreed to stop drinking coffee. they also said that they would go to church 

saturday- saturday we set up a huge map of our area to help us plan more. since this area is super poor and kinda run down, alot of the streets are sand so they arent registered. we had to draw all these streets in by hand, but its beautiful now! also there was an emergency and me and elder spackman had to get a taxi to go to the center to resolve a problem with some other elders. its kind cool being the companion of the assistant. at night we were able to get a couple of lessons in when we got back. 

sunday-we were able to help a less active man who is returning to church right now that was really awesome, also we were able to teach aglésio and simone! they agreed to be baptized and married! we will start working on their marriage plans right now. im so so happy for them!

this week was super great and full of great things. i heard that i got some letters and a package that i will get tomorow. im not sure who its from though!
i lvoe you all!!!
-Elder Lambert

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