Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 47

hello my dearest frieds and family!

area: satélite      companion:elder spackman

so now i will respond to all of my mothers questions. and i'm also curious, did you like the format letter of the last email in groups about families and activities, or the day to day things?

So last p-day we had to go to the hospital because elder spackman's eye got worse. we found out his body is too tired to fight off viruses and stuff, so he started to get sick. he was ordered to rest for a week so he has been sleeping at the president's house for the last week just catching up on sleep. he is better now and i think he will get to work with me again wednesday! my legs are also better now thankfully! some great news is that we went to a grocery store in the center that has some items from walmart! i bought 4 boxes of mac and cheese :) i also found a box of pretzels with my name on it!

The baptism of maxwell was awesome! everything almost went according to plan and his whole family went and some friends! it was great to see his family there. he was successfully baptized by elder davis and was confirmed the next day in sacrament meeting. he's a really great guy, and i'm really happy for him :) we will keep working with his parents little by little to baptize them too. 

elder spackman made 1 and a half years on the mission but has sadly never burned anything at the 1/2 year marks, so he caught up with everything this time. we burned a shirt, pants, and a tie all at once. it was a pretty big fire and a cool moment :)

we had an awesome meeting this morning! we had to wake up at 5 to get ready sadly, but it was worth it. elder mazzagardi and his wife came here to our mission (area presidency) and spoke to 3 of the zones here. it was really cool and super powerful to be with one of the 70. it was really fun seeing some of my buddies from a while back. 

sadly, our progressing families weren't progressing too much this week. we still haven't been able to teach aglésio and simone. they are never home when we mark with them. josé and raimunda we were able to teach once, but they didn't take the restoration too well. we need to pass by again to see how their prayers were and clear up some doubts and questions. paulo and sebastiana took the restoration better and with them we still need to follow up also. sadly none of these families went to church :( its so hard when they don't go to church because that makes it so we can't baptize them and it really helps with the conversion!

so with the phone call, i am wanting to do it 6:30 here. i think its a 5 hour difference, but you guys should check. sadly, there is no internet house with skype, so i wont be able to use that. we will use the phone in the church, and you guys will have to buy an international phone card. i heard its really cheap, so it shouldnt be too big of a problem. i dont know how to do it, but my companion at the moment (elder davis) his mom knows. i sent moms cell number to her and she will call sometime to explain it. i still have our phone card if i need to use it as an emergency.

thats so exciting that some missionaries farewells are coming up! thats so so great :) i received a package today at the meeting from you guys that has my swimsuit. i still havent opened it, but thanks! also i received the envelope from amy and jeremy :) im so excited for christmas! with americans it will be super fun! 

this week was really good, but was a little tougher. we were able to teach alot, but our people stopped progressing, and we weren't able to find many new people. it was fun though working part time in elder davis' area though and getting to know some more people. its always interesting here because people are always changing companions, this next week will maybe be an adventure! i love all of you, and am super excited to talk on christmas with you guys! if you have anymore questions, just let me know!

-Elder Lambert

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