Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 46

hello my wondrous family!

i was very surprised as the first email that i received was a picture of mom and dad in some BEAUTIFUL sweaters. i remember wearing dads sweater to school :) everybody loved it. this was a very very challenging, yet great week. it was very challenging because nothing really worked out too well... and we are both kind of destroyed right now. i had this really weird thing happen to me starting on wednesday. my legs started to kind of hurt randomly, but it wasn't a very big deal so we just kept working. starting friday, they started to hurt really bad and i had no idea what the problem was; it hurt to sit, sleep, and walk. i got a blessing friday night. we continued working the whole week though and they got better today! they still hurt while i sleep a little, but walking is better now. the weird thing is that i have no idea what it is, it feels like they are being super stretched constantly, but a little different. also, on friday, elder spackman woke up with his eye a little bit swollen, it continued to swell a little bit but got better last night. BUT, when he woke up this morning, it was swollen all the way shut. he looks super funny :) we went to the hospital and he had to get a shot in his butt and now he cant walk normally. after this we will go to the hospital in the center to get it better evaluated. and here is a huge spider that was in our house!

sadly, i left my planner and journal at home, so i will tell the week as an overview and not day by day. 

the last p-day, i felt like such a mom. i passed the whole day sewing. my pants were kinda short, so i unstitched them, and did them again. it was a gutsy move, but turned out alright! for sure its not the way its supposed to be done, but its working out fine so far! we were able to teach sebastiana and paulo at night. its such an awesome family because its two families in one. their son is living with his wife in the same house! neither him or his parents are legally married, but after our lesson about families and the importance of marriage, they agreed and got really excited to get married! we just have to settle the moms divorce from her first marriage. a couple days later, we brought a recently married and sealed in the temple couple to share their experiences. it was such an awesome lesson and got them even more excited. this family is the owner of a restaurant and they make us super good snacks when we go over there :) this sunday we had stake conference at the huge church in the center that is two stories, its oh so beautiful. they said they would go, but they never showed up :( we will go back to visit them very soon!

we had a zone meeting on tuesday that was really cool. it was a normal meeting with trainings and stuff, but was a meeting to analyse our numbers. i really like doing this kind of thing and putting everything into numbers. our zone was a little weak but it was cool to see that our numbers were a big contributor to the zones totals. it was the first time meeting as the whole zone so it was way cool talking to everyone. in our zone we have 4 sisters and probably 20 elders. i attached a picture

me and my companion (elder spackman) get along super well. i love working with him and we are such good friends. the work is so great when you can find someone who works well with you, but also someone who is your best friend. we are always talking, joking, and doing really funny stuff. this makes working so much more fun and powerful too. all of our investigators really like our visits. for sure i want to do stuff with him after the mission, i hope we stay together for a while. here is a picture of me and him at the zone meeting.

sadly, we havent been able to teach simone and aglésio all week, the times we marked with them and passed by, they werent home. we were able to find them last night, but they were in front of another house drinking :( we willl get them during the week when they are sober and continue to help them.

we taught josé and raimunda the other day and it was really great. we taught about the power to seal families forever and how it was lost but restored. the lesson was going super great until we tried to play the restoration video and their DVD player didnt work. they were pretty bummed and said they would get it fixed before the next visit. its really hard with them because they are soo great and they have already stopped drinking coffee, but they dont have time to go to church. this is a major problem that we are trying to work out. they are awesome though! they said they would invite some families the next visit :)

the reform is done in our house and it looks sooo much better! i will take some pictures of it next week. sorry i dont have many pictures, this area is just super dangerous and the missionaries were already robbed a bunch of times so im kinda scared to bring it with me. i attached a picture of the before and after of the walls. they were a pretty ugly color...

my room is getting super christmasy for the holidays! its got to be the prettiest room in the misison. i already got the package of the decorations, two that i have to wait for, and mels envelope. i love the present mel gave me :) i laugh every day i open something new. the sheep with jobe's face on it was today and i almost died laughing :) i have written some more letters, but sadly i still cant send them! there isnt a post office here.

we will baptize a young man (maxwell) this saturday. this is somethign that we are trying to avoid now because people were baptizing youth really fast and they were falling away from the church, but this youth has already gone to church more than 5 times, has an active family who is his neighbor, has been to seminary, and actually has a testimony of the church. i know he will stay active and im really excited for him. we will continue to work with his parents (ivaneide and valdinar).

we will keep working super hard this week even with trials. this week was hard, but i felt good because i know i tried my absolute hardest. i lost count on how many doors we knocked on searching for families. i really feel like a missionary right now and i love it :) 

i love you all and wish you the best in everything! enjoy the ski season for me :) 
-Elder Lambert

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