Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 50


today is transfer day. we still do not know what will happen with us this transfer, but we should find out very soon! this week was very eventful and i am excited to tell you about some of the things. 
first, new years! happy 2013! i got to experience it before any of you :) sadly for us, we had to return to our house still at 930, but we had a cool family night and a mini BBQ after. when we got home, we built a huge fire in the rain and ordered a pizza. we used the glow sticks that i got for christmas and did a glow stick dance in the dark. later, we had the greatest idea ever of cutting them in half and shoving them into the fan! it was really cool because it coated the walls, the beds, ceiling, and us with glowing spots. it was really cool looking with all the lights off and a fun little activity. there werent too many drunk people because it was raining super hard, so they couldnt be outside. midnight was a little disappointing as there werent very many fireworks. there were some, but not as many as i was hoping.

the day after new years was great because we ate at an old lady's house who really likes us and we really like her. after lunch a miracle happened, her son went and put a pink floyd concert on the TV! it was sooooo awesome hearing their music for the first time in about a year. we listened to the album dark side of the moon while eating lunch :) i bet dad is really proud of me right now. he raised me right in the music world!

another cool experience was with maxwell, our recent convert. we were able to get him sunday clothes because his family cant really pay for that. also, he passed the sacrament on sunday! he looked so happy when he gave it to me and he is super excited about all his responsibilities. we also had a really cool lesson with his family and we were able to get them all to go to church on sunday! sunday was such a miracle. we were able to get 2 families to church and 10 investigators in total! the attendance was really high which got all the members happy. one old guy showed up that was super funny. it was just some random guy who passed us on the street the week before and we gave him an invitation and he came! he has got to be about 80 years old. also the gospel principles teacher didnt show up, so i was assigned to give the class. i taught the first lesson in the book which is about our heavenly father. i just did everything on the fly, but it turned out to be really cool. everyone was super excited and loved it.

we were able to meet some new families this week again which was really cool. the families we met with last week we are still teaching, but havent made much progress yet. hopefully we will be able to decide who will progress and just work with them. one family that we are excited about is alfredo and gra├ža. they are a family that almost has 1 year going to church, but has never wanted to get married so they could never be baptized. they decided finally that they want to get married! we are starting some of the plans with them and they will get married as fast as possible, then baptized.

thats so cool that josh will be going to the MTC! when he gets in the field, you will have to send me his address. i want to write him a letter. i STILL havent been able to get to the post office.... its driving me nuts. im hooping that if i do go somewhere i will still stay close to teresina. here i get letters alot, if i go far away, it will be once every two months about. im excited to get the missionties letters with all the updates. updates are always nice :)

WELL, I LOVE YOU ALL and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being such a marvelous family. 
-Elder Lambert 

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