Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 44

hello my wonderful, dear family!
so to respond to the email. thats so cool that mackenzie is going to brasil! she has a temple in her mission! im so jealous. send me her address please. i understand everything now pretty much except for the super weird words. but i can always understand what the person is saying. the word i learned this week is 'mamar'. it means to breast feed... i do dream in portuguese and its super weird, i was talking to elder davis in my sleep the other day. i dream alot that i am teaching people so i will say the lessons while i am sleeping. when i got here i could barely speak english because it would automatically transform into portuguese just by habit. now i always speak english with my comps so its easy again. our house is actually getting reformed right now! i took a video of it but i cant send videos sadly. it was super super ugly before. it will look so nice when the reform is done! i got one package that had the christmas decorations and apple cider and stuff. thanks so much! everything is already set up :) i also got one that says that i have to wait until christmas - can i open it early?! i also got a letter you sent for my birthday, but it was missent to barbados, so it just got here... i laughed when i heard about jobe :)

this week was the last week here in the transfer. we will find out later today about what will happen! i think everything will stay the same here. 

monday-we had an awesome family night with a member family and with the family of valdinar and ivaneide. it was about eternal families and i think it helped them out a bunch. all the kids are great, but the parents have really closed hearts... we will keep working with them though!

tuesday-i did a division with elder souza from são paulo. it was good. we were able to teach a lot of lessons and meet some new families which is ALWAYS a good thing :) 

wednesday-today i worked with elder spackman and we had a really hard day. every single appointment fell through so we ended up walking until 6. at 6 we took a coke break and said a prayer to find a miracle family. as we were walking at about 7 we passed a house and elder spackman felt prompted to stop and knock on the door. they answered and they are a super cool family! they are wealthy and would be great leaders in the church. we talked a lot with them and they said some really cool stuff. we found out that they are willing to follow responses from god which is a really important thing with investigators. they also recognized that we were a response from god in their lives. we told them about the prayer we had and they said that they are never home at the time we passed, but they were doing everything really slow that night so they didnt leave on time to buy groceries. they said it was a miracle and know that god sent us to them. sadly i have not been able to go back there yet, but we will go tomorrow! after we had a really good family night with a family who has some rebellious teenagers and we taught about the importance of building your foundation while you are young and the importance of listening to your parents. everyone liked it and the parents were really happy.

thursday-we worked in elder davis area so i didnt really record what happend...

friday-we worked in elder davis' area again, but we taught maxwell. he is ready to be baptized, but we will still wait a little longer to try to baptize his whole family. we taught the word of wisdom and he said that he already stopped drinking coffee because he heard it in the church one time. nobody told him to or explained it to him, but he did it anyways!

saturday- we baptized acelino! it was sooooo awesome and he loved it. he was so so happy and he said he felt so so good. i had the privilege of baptizing him which was a challenge because he is humongous. it was such a spiritual moment for me and for him. 

sunday-acelino was confirmed and recieved the spirit! he is so happy and i am so happy for him :) he is a great guy. i included some pictures of him, his wife, and his son.

the baptism was so great this week and i was so happy to baptize him. he is a great man and will be a strong leader in the church. i love all of you!
-Elder Lambert

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