Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 93

hello my family!!!!

here is a picture from last weeks BOM activity

so Halloween was this week! sadly i didnt go trick or treating, but we made watermelon jack o lanterns!! i made a missionary and elder robb carved 'brasil'. i was really fun and we had lots of watermelon guts to eat! it was nice because with pumpkin it all goes to waste, but with watermelon it doesn't :) 

we had another activity this week that was really good! we had ping pong and water balloon volleyball. so far i have been able to plan activities every week and i will keep going until i leave! the members are really liking it and there are always some non members at them. I'm really liking the branch so far.

so the two girls were interviewed and everything is ready for the baptisms on saturday! it will be super cool because we will have to have two separate baptisms. one can only do it in the afternoon, and the other only at night! it will be a very spiritual day!

we also found out that we will have a zone meeting tomorrow. it appears that the strike has ended because they said that i got lots of stuff! im really excited to see what i got :) 

so do you guys already have the itinerary for my flights? if so, send them to me because i want to see everything! 

so just some random activities that happened during the week. we ate goat meat one day for lunch, thats was weird. Me and elder robb have been having lots of interesting adventures.

two weeks ago we talked with a drunk guy in the street and told him we wanted to help him and gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet. on friday this week we passed in front of his house to visit him and he was in front reading it! he said that he really liked it and wants forgiveness of his sins. we marked baptism with him for the 30th. we will have to work hard with him because he smokes and drinks. he went to church also this sunday and love it!

we have a bigger teaching group which is awesome and this week went a little better. little by little miracles are happening because of our efforts! i hope that it will continue like this forever  there were alot of people in church this week which was awesome. members brought alot of friends that we will visit during the week :) 

this is our super nacho lunch we made! it had cheese, chips, meat, onion, pepper, and lots of seasoning!

i miss all yall and am excited to see you soon! we can almost start planning the Christmas call! its coming up. just know that i love my mission and i love all of you!

-Elder Lambert

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