Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 94

so this week was rough, but has some really special moments!
so we went to parnaíba for the zone meeting this week. it was really cool to see some of the missionaries i hadnt seen in a REALLY long time. i saw my comp from the CTM for the first time since the beginning of my third transfer. so i got mail! i got lots of letters, my birthday package from gma mimi and mel, and the envelope from amy. i loved all the pictures that i got and the letters! the last package still hasnt gotten here. maybe by now it has. i will find out next month!
on p-day, we got caught in a HUGE rain storm. i think most people would get upset about it, but me and elder robb were dancing and singing in the rain all the way home with our groceries. we look upset in the picture, but it was actually really fun.
on wednesday there was a baptism of a members kid who turned 8. it was a really cool baptism!
so one of the coolest things in my misison happened this last week. so we had one of the worst days ever, and we were praying that something good would happen. while we were walking home we decided to make one last contact in the square. we sat down with a family that looked really poor. we found out that they dont have any money and dont have a home. they are going city to city trying to find a job. it was parents and two kids. they said that they learned about the church in teresina from the missionaries but were never baptized. they had a book of mormon but had lost it. we talked to them alot about their family and what they were trying to do and the difficulties., we gave them another book of mormon and they got super happy about it. we found out that they were going to sleep in the bus station to try to move to the next city and didnt have any food for the day. we felt something super special about that family and we didnt know why. they started heading to the bus station and we raced home. we switched to work clothes and filled backpacks with 2 liters of juice, a loaf of bread, tub of butter, 4 packs of wafers, and some church books. we then made a 30 minute run to the bus station and got there at about the same time as them, when they saw us they were really confused and when we started pulling out food for them they got super happy! i have never felt so appreciated in my life. it was the worst day that became the best day. they were so grateful and calling us their angels. the next morning we scrambled and cooked 14 eggs, made 2 liters of chocolate milk, and bought some fresh bread and ran it to the bus station in the morning to give to them. we couldnt find them so i guess they were able to get a bus! i really hope their family gets blessed by others because they really need it and wherever they turn up they said they would look for the church!
so on saturday morning there was a branch activity that was really good! everyone played around alot and everything got super dirty so it was kinda stressful trying to clean everything to get ready for the baptisms. BUT, both the baptisms worked out great and were both very special/spiritual! im so happy for both the people who were baptized and they were both confirmed yesterday! sunday church was great! it hit the record for the most people in a long time! our branch had 113 in sacrament meeting yesterday :)
I tried to upload pictures but it didn't work :(
well I am loving my life like always and I love all of you!
Elder Lambert

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