Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 92

hello my Family!
so i still dont know if the mail strike ended, but the ZLs will go to teresina today and bring back stuff if there is anything, so in a week i will know when we have a zone meting. with the ski passes i dont know what is best... maybe a seasons pass for sundance because i will have a car right and can go a lot? but i would like to go to snowbird at least once. dad can visit me and we can have a daddy son day :)
so i will start with the book of mórmon activity. it was awesome! the branch presidente sais that it was the best missionary activity he has ever seen here :) all that credit goes to mom! we brought a box of 60 books and all of them were used! there was a lot of people and it was a special activity. now we just need to follow up with the people to see if they gave them out.
its a bummer because the pictures aren't working again... :(
this week had some super funny adventures with me and Elder Robb. the adventure was with our razors. so i discovered that i left my charger in Araguaína, so this week i had to buy a real razor. i had only used one once before and that was the very first time that i had shaved. so we went to the Market and i bought a razor for me to use, but also they have these super cheap ones here that are only R$1. i wanted to buy it just to see how it would be. i has 1 blade and everything is just plastic. we each bought one to use and went the whole day with razor burn. it was a good adventure! with the normal one i dont have any probem though. i feel more like a man now.
so we should have two baptismal interviews this week and two baptisms on the 9th! one is the girl friend of a Young man, and the other is a daughter of an inactive Family. we are really hoping that the parents will see the example of their daughter and want to come back to church. they have been inactive for a long time and she really wants to be baptized!
we did two Family nights this week that were both really good. one was with the extended Family of the girl who will be baptized and the other was the house of a recent convert where the rest of her Family aren't members. they were both really awesome and the members are helping us out a bunch here. its a great area!
this week we were also able to mark a baptismal date with the mom of a member! the missionaries have already been visiting her for over a year now and she finally accepted! i have really learned that the book of mórmon is the secret to everything! she had never prayed to know if its true and when she did this week, she felt its true and knows that she has to follow the answer!
we are working really hard here, but we still have a shortage of investigators. we are having to knock on lots of doors and do lots of contacts, but i am learning a lot! i hope that in these next week we can get a solid teaching group!
i hope all is well with everyone and i love you all bunches!

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