Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 96

hello my Family! so this week is transfer week! I still haven't heard about the transfer, but I should be staying here. When I was in teresina I got the transfer with my buddy who is the secretary :) It's good to have friends in powerful places. only if there is an emergency change will something move here. so, the week was great and its super weird to think that i am starting my last transfer and that this transfer will only be 5 weeks for me! im so excited but so sad at the same time! i hope the pictures worked out. i have to make them low quality to be able to send them here, i still have all the originals though!

so for pday we went to this giant man made lake that was pretty cool. it was a good opportunity to take some pictures and play around a bit. sadly i couldnt get in the water which drives me nuts! i miss the water so much and i am so excited to get back in it when i get home.

this week didnt have THAT many adventures because i spent some time in teresina. so i left thursday at midnight and got bak Friday night. i went there because my visa had already been expired for almost a year and a half. the people werent too happy when i went there to get it renewed and they saw that :) i was fun because i stayed a bunch with Elder f Sousa who is my good buddy who got here in my group from são Paulo. he is the secretary and it was im speaking english to yall. he has learned quite a bit! in the secretary office there is also a missionary who is deaf and dumb. we became super good buddies even though he cant talk. i learned a little bit of sign language to talk to him. he Works with the baptismal forms, when they get in the office he puts the information in the computor. he signed to be that i was a good missionary because he always sees baptismal forms with my name on them :) sadly i didnt have my câmera with me, but on my way home ill take a Picture with him in the office!

so on saturday we had two baptisms! we had the baptism of Joelson (19) and Mayra (12). they were both awesome baptisms and mayra's whole Family went to see the baptism also :) i feel really good about these baptisms because even though they are Young, they are both very well integrated in the branch. they have so many awesome friends that will help them out a bunch! Mayra is already giving refrences to us and we give her for the strength of youth pamphlets to hand out at school. she loves to participate! the baptism was super spiritual and all the members were very excited which made it awesome :) i am really loving the people here. on sunday we had a HUGE miracle! we were able to break the record for the attendace in piripiri! yesterday we had 9 investigators from our área and 123 people in total at sacrament meeting. the branch presidente is super happy with our work and said that we will be history in piripiri :) the highest monthly average attendance was about 105, we had a monthly average of 112 in november! we will see if we can get it up to 115 in december. i love the presidente here, he is super cool.

 and yes i got my package in teresina! thanks very much! im excited to start setting up christmas decorations here :) me and Elder robb are pretty excited that we will pass christmas together! we are already in the christmas spirit. we broke the rule of waiting for thanksgiving as i have already listened to Charlie brown christmas a couple times this week :) oops! i still have to send my knives home, that was a good reminder. i took the blades out, so i will probably wrap them in TP and send them and leave the handles in my suitcase. they just look like pieces of metal. im starting to remember random things at home that i had forgotten about and i am curious what our house will look like. i dont remember very well. im interested to see whats still there and whats not! i got super happy when i read that we got big ben from grandma :) until the next week my Family that i love so much!

-Elder Lambert

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