Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 95

well family, i am great!
we had one of the best weeks of my mission this last week. we had lots of miracles happen! i am really excited to finish my mission here because i am being able to work really hard and focus well.
so some cool things that happened is that i found out that two of my buddies in araguaĆ­na were baptized this last saturday! that was super awesome to hear about that and i am super happy for them! i talked to one of them on the phone after her baptism and it was so good to hear the news :)
another cool thing was four baptisms that happened here this saturday also. four kids were baptized and the parents will be baptized soon also, they are just finishing up the process of getting married. its a really special family and they will be awesome in the church. 

so i did two division this week, one was witht he ZL's from parnaĆ­ba which was really good. we were able to find some new people to teach and mark a baptismal date! later during the week i did one with elder waltenberg which was fun to work with him again because i havent worked with him since i finished his training.
this week there was nobody to open the church for the early morning seminary, so me and elder robb volunteered ourselves to go over. we had to wake up at 5 every morning. what we would do is bring our hammocks and hang it up in the tree and sleep during seminary and afterwards just come home and get ready for studies. that was a funny experience. 
so this week we will have two more baptisms! one of the girls names is mayra. she had been taught for a while already, but her parents didnt want her to be baptized. her parents are letting her now! this is a great miracle and its cool to see her progression. she is giving out for the strength of youth pamphlets at school to her friends. the other guys name is joelson. he is girls boyfriend here in the branch. we started teaching him not that long ago and elder robb marked a date for this week and he accepted! we got him taught everything and they both already passed the interviews :) im super excited for all the miracles that are happening and that we are really seeing the fruits of our hard work at the beginning of the transfer until now. 
we made a contact with a woman in the street and she also showed up at church this week. she loved it and said it was completely different than anything she had thought. she also knows a lot of people who are members here. her name is monique and is really wanting to start a new life following christ. we marked a date with her also for the 7th of december. we have some good baptisms lined up, we will just have to keep working so that all these things end up happening! 
i got a call this morning from the secretaries saying that this week i will travel to teresina to renew my visa. its about time! i have been here with an expired visa for the last year and finally i am getting it renewed. good thing i was never deported :) 
i love yall so much and love the pictures that yall send me! im excited for the snow! i keep seeing lots of pictures of it :) you all are so awesome and the best family ever! i love you!
-Elder Lambert

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