Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 88

wow i hope this email wont be super short. its hard because i got so many email this week! so i would like to start off thanking everyone for the things they got me! i received the two packages from mom and dad, but not yet the others. i will have a meeting on friday, so maybe they were just later than the others. thanks also for the emails that i got from everyone! i have an awesome family and awesome friends :) 

so my birthday was awesome. on sunday we had a HUGE BBQ at imrã lizetes house. there was lots of meat, soda, and food 

it was really fun to have my birthday with irmã lizete because i love her so much! i feel like she is my mother here in araguaína. it was nice to relax a little bit, eat some cake, and talk with lots of people. i was always curious how birthdays would be in the mission. now i know!

photo: me and imrã lizete!

i love all the people here, they are so kind to me :)

another awesome thing that happened this week is that alana came back! she was a girl that we baptized a couple months ago during her vacation, but she returned to her dads house. now she is back here to stay! it was awesome seeing her again and following up with her. 

so for my schooling, i guess just sign me up for GE's. i will want to talk with dad first before deciding what i want to do exactly with my life. he is a good mentor :) just ask nat what she thinks is best for housing. we have very similar tastes so whatever she liked, i will like!

im excited for this week because it will have lots of exciting things! on friday i think we will travel to inperatriz for a zone meeting (i will get packages!) and saturday and sunday will have general conference! it will be wierd because we will only have 3 full days of work. it is kinda stressing me out because we have lots of things to do and now we dont have much time, but im excited because they will be awesome events :) i think me and elder lott will stay together in the secretary office or something to watch in english. i like to hear the voices of the people.

this week we had divisions with the zone leaders which was fun. i stayed with elder rodgers. he is from south carolina and has an awesome accent. his portuguese is really funny also because of it. he is an awesome person and we will try to set some things up so that we can hang out after the mish. its strange because today is my 3 months to home mark. i dont want it to end so fast! im excited to come home, but at the same time i dont want it to end :(

photo: hat that me and elder lott designed. its the brasilina flag inside of some mountains!

well i love everyone and wish yall and awesome week! thanks so much for all the presents and love!

-Elder Lambert

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