Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 91

Add-On from last week

so stheffane's baptism worked out great! it was very spiritual and a great experience to see someone be baptized after attending church fora year. that was a great moment to happen right before being transferred.

so i had to leave monday morning to be transferred and that's why i am sending email now.

this city seems great, i will like it a lot, but obviously miss lots of people. its close to campo maior and so i might have a chance to see some of my buddies from there!

a random cool experience that happened the other day is that when we were walking in the street a lady randomly pulled over in her car and asked me were the church is. she told me that her daughter and her husband just moved from portugal and are members and didn't know where the church was in the city. they showed up sunday with their two kids. the husband also brought a reference to church that was awesome. he participated a bunch and loved it! its a bummer i was transferred because he said that every sunday he will go. he will probably be baptized really fast.

So when you sign me up for classes, probably sign me up just for the generals and try to sign me up for class times in the morning. I like to study more in the morning than the later afternoon

I still haven’t gotten the packages yet, I will try to enter in contact with the secretaries to see if anything showed up there. Maybe it just took a long time to arrive. Also the internet isn't working here so I don’t know if I will be able to send much of an email this week :( at least I got one part sent!

The internet fell that day so i just completed it today. next week i will send more

Well I love you all and wish you a great week!

This week

well everyone is wondering about my new area, so i will respond to everything here. so this place is a little hotter than the last, but a lot drier which is good; i don't sweat as much :) the apartment here is really nice, it is just missing some simple things that would keep it a little more organized. i will try to take some pictures this week. here it is a branch, and it is awesome. the leadership is super good and the branch president is the man. i have been able to work with him a lot already and he will help us out a bunch. the average attendance here is about 90 which is good for a branch. This city i think is maybe just a little smaller than the last one and has all the necessary things pretty close to the house. there are still some lunches that we have to walk really far to get there... my buddy from campo maior didn't come here because he knows a lot of people and thought it would be better for him to go to a different city. elder waltenberg will train so i have another grandkid here! i really likethe people who I'm living with!

so i figured out why i haven't gotten the other packages yet. it appears as if there has been a post office strike for a little while now. i hope it ends soon because i want to get my things!!

oh i forgot one part. i am still the district leader... i think i will pass my whole mission almost with this calling! i really like it though because i have more responsibility, but doesn't take away my time to do normal missionary work.

i have a request also, i will make a cover for my last planner for the mission and i would love it if everyone can send an updated picture of their family. i don't have an updated picture with all the new happenings (so a picture with nat and brodie, mel dave and kid, amy and jer with kids... ect.) i will make a cool planner with everyone on it!

and mom you will be happy to know that you are the reason for a lot of excitement here! i took your idea with what you did with the book of mormon and presented it to the branch here. we will have a big branch activity on wednesday and all the families will participate. everyone will write their testimonies of the book of mormon and glue it to the cover and we will help them give them out to their best friends of special people that they know. they are all really excited and this should be a way for us to get some good family references! mom is famous!

here the church was without any activities so we planned one for this week that already passed and we will have the book of mormon one this week now. everyone is getting super excited and i have already gotten to know lots of the members. its awesome because they always come up to me and ask me what i will plan for the next activity. i hope this will strengthen the branch a lot. i feel like i have already known all these people for a long time! i also gave a talk in church on sunday about accelerate missionary work! i will really like this area because i already am!

this area didn't have a teaching group when i got here so we knocked on lots of doors and did lots of contacts. its good because its motivating me to work really hard, but it is also really hard work. we taught the same person more then once only one time this week. all the other lessons were knocking on doors doing the first visit or teaching in the streets trying to find people who are worth going back to do a second visit. we will see if we are able to continue finding some good people this week. i hope so!

i love you all very much and wish you a wonderous week!

-Elder Lambert

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