Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 89

well hello my wonderful family!

so as you have remembered. this will be the last week of the transfer! im really excietd to finish off one more transfer strong in my mission. i am really happy with my work that i have done so far here in araguaĆ­na! im starting to get really sad at the same time though thinking about how much i iwll miss all these people. i have friendships so strong its like they are my family. but the Lord might need me in another place so i will see what will happen! 

so this week we never ended up traveling to imperatriz. i think we will go tomorrow, so i will let you know about the packages. i dont think i got any because thats what elder rais said... how long ago were they sent? 

photo: giant moth!

so conference was awesome! me and elder lott were able to get it set up in the church computer room and watch it in english here. the talks were super good and i loved all of them. one of my favorite quotes was that 'the biggest blessing receive from conference are the blessings that we receive afterwards'. this phrase really hit me because it isn't just listening to the prophets voice that blesses us. we get blessed as we put the things into practice. 
we had quite the set-up in our room. we got an ice cooler and filled the room with snacks :) On saturday (just me and elder lott) we drank 6.6 liters of soda, and on sunday we drank another 5. it was wonderful :) 
we decided to wear matching ties also just to top things off. im gunna miss this kid alot when i leave. we have a really strong relationship that im sure will continue on to after the mission. 

so this week we will baptise someone named stheffane! it will be a very special baptism because she has been waiting a year for this already. she was a reference from amember and has been attending church for a year. sadly her family hasnt let her be baptized and because she is only 17 she cant do it without permission. on friday she will have her 18th birthday! this will be a very special moment for all!
its so wierd thinking just 2 more transfers. it will be a good last two though. i iwll have christmas and also i will be able to talk with yall on the computer right before getting home! it will be such a funny call; 'see ya next week!' where will everyone be? is this the year that everyone has christmas in other places? 

if you havent sent the last package yet, i will probably need one more stick of deodorant. i dont know what else i want really.... are there any things that the fam is wanting specifically from brasil?now would be the time to ask. i dont know what yall would want... and how is my registration going? will nat sign me up for classes. i guess i will just do generals. im excited to get back into the college life! 

today i feel like i am at home. the whole sky is grey with clouds! this is the first time i hve ever seen this here! i was cold in the afternoon. when i was sleeping i had to get a sheet! this will be the first time in over a year and 8 months that i will go through a whole day without sweating :) i think i will suffer in utah...

well sorry fam that this weeks email was a little short i didnt have much to talk about, but i love you all and thats whats most important! i have such a wonderous family!

-Elder Lambert

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