Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 87

hello family!

its so nuts hearing about everyones farewells at home! you know i am getting close to finishing when i hear that people are leaving on their missions and i remember when i left and they were all 16... 

so something that we are trying to do alot right now is find new families to teach. it has been hard these last few weeks to find families. we made some really awesome plans last week and we were able to execute all of them, but sadly it didn't have the results that i wanted :(  i am thinking a bunch for what we can do differently this week. we were able to come up with some good ideas. we will see what happens. 

so we had a service project that was very fun! we painted a beauty salon of one of the members. my job was the bathroom. it was a fun project to do because it was different than the other projects that i have already done. sadly time ran out right when i was about to finish. i just needed to paint the corners with the orange brush.( they finished the tiling and removed all that brown guck and it looks really nice now! she is so happy and loves telling people that her missionaries painted her salon.

a random thought came into my head on friday of how many days i have until i will go home. i got curious so i looked at the calender. sunday was 100 days until i go home! im super happy because it still hasnt hit me that i am going home soon. i think about it, but then forget it the next moment. it makes me happy that i can still focus 120%, i feel like i will blink my eyes and i will already be home! 

im really excited for my birthday this week! imrã lizete, irmã sônia (alana's mom), and andréia are doing a combined lunch and doing a big party :) on the 29th it will be emilly's and andréia's birtdhay and mine on the 30th! we will have this party on sunday (29th). im so excited because i love irmã lizete and it will be fun to spend alot of time at her house with her family. im also curious what my family sent me! 

the activity that we planned this week was really awesome! the members brought two visitors and they really liked it. we played dominoes, uno, and other card games. i think we will keep playing these games because they all loved it. on sunday one of the visiters went to church with his little brother! 

tonight will be the farewell for my ex-comp (elder borges). he will leave the 25th for teresina and will report in são paulo the 26th. 

well, my time ran out :( i hope you all have an excellent week! i miss you all lots, but i wouldnt want to be in any other place! i hope all is well and until next week!

-Elder lambert

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