Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 83

hellllo family!

this week had its up´s and downs. happily it was more ups than downs though :) 

so i guess the biggest down was that we were robbed.... i was coming home from a family night one day and two men passed by us on a motorcycle and the guy in back got off and pointed a gun at me and took my cell phone. luckily that was the only thing they took and i didnt lose my camera or anything else. little robberies like this are very common here. i think the police found the people because they had been doing lots of assaults.

a fun thing  that we did was divisions with the zone leaders! it was fun to work with my  "dad" again and joke around with them. we have a pretty fun district here in araguaína. at the end of divisions we bought a HUGE pizza. it was one of the biggest pizzas i have ever seen.

we will have a zone meeting tomorrow so we will have to travel to imperatriz and the president will be there. 
a cool thing that happened this week was that we visited a less active father and son and the kid went to church! it was awesome to see him there in his white shirt and tie with the other boys. we will keep working with his dad to see what we can do to help him out too. 

we had a cool FHE with the president and his wife. it was for other members to show up at, but it just ended up being them and the missionaries! it was cool though because it was very spiritual. the games were pretty funny at the end as you can see in the picture. i definitely won this one. we also had a weekly activity that was fun.  elder lott and i played around alot with the motorcycle helmet of one of the members. he looked like an astronaut. 
With elder Lott

the best thing of all this week was a BAPTISM!!! we had the baptism of imrã lizete and her daughter emily. it was soo cool and such a great experience for me. i am so happy because i got to see the whole process; finding, teaching, converting, and baptizing. they both chose me to do the baptisms which was such an honor. its so cool how much imrã lizete has progressed in the gospel; she absolutely loves the church and is sharing her testimony with a bunch of people. i feel like she is kind of my mom here. i always make juice with her and we talk a bunch. saldy i dont have the pictures of the baptisms with me right now, so i will have to send them next week.

so exciting news! i found out about my return date! it is officially marked for the 30th of december! sadly i will not be home for christmas, but it will be a pretty awesome new years eve party! we will have to delay nat's birthday by a day. im glad that everything was arranged so that i will get back home in time for school, but it will be kinda hard just to be with you guys for a week. at least you guys have lots of time to prepare a kicking party for me :) 

i hope that everything is going great with the family. everything is going great here! its so weird to think that two years is already winding down to the end. it passes by so fast! im so thankful for all the things that i have learned. it has been sooo much!  i love the mission, i love the church, and i love my life!
-Elder Lambert

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