Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 81

hello my dearest family!

this week was very good :) we were able to work really hard, and do alot of work with the members. every day i am loving this place more and more. i will never want to leave here :( its crazy thinking that my mission time is slowly winding down and that before i know it i will already be home. its a very sad but happy thought at the same time!

its so nice to hear that everyone was able to pass through all the crazy moments with weddings and travels and adventrues! im excited to get back into the busy life as a normal person.

some crazy moments happened this week here! one night we were teaching a family and we heard some gun shots, a bit later we saw a man run around the corner with a gun in his hand. luckily he just ran right passed us. 1 minute after, a police guy was running after him with a huge rifle. i dont really know how the story ended, but im sure it wasnt a happy ending for all. 

a really cool thing that happened is that we found an inactive member who moved here from a different state. he has three kids who have the age to be baptized but never were because he wasnt active there. they all went to church sunday and have dates for the end of this month :) we will have a family night with them tonight!

our lunch yesterday was super fun because we had it at our investigators house (lizete and her family)! the food was super good and i have come to love this family soooo much. they have continued to progress and lizete feels better every day about being baptized. im really excited for the day of her baptism :)

another fun adventure we had this week is that i went through the area book and got the addresses of a bunch of less active members. it was fun to go visit them and hear their stories. sadly, it didnt work out too well, but it was fun.

we went to the retirement home again on sunday to visit our best buddies and read the scriptures with them. it was really fun to catch up on their week and see how they were doing. we found out it will be one of their birthdays on saturday so we will buy a present and pass by there. 

i tried to find out my return date and the president told me to ask the secretaries. i will give them a call this week to find out. have you guys heard any updates on anything? 

pretty much i am absolutely loving my life and i love being a missionary. its so awesome to participate in the lords work. i have really seen that D+C 4 is true. the field is white and already to harvest. all i have to do is do my part to help these people come closer to christ! its such a cool and big responsibility that the lord entrusts us with. i will always keep you updated on my adventures here in brasil! 

i love you all and wish you the best in everything!

-Elder Lambert

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