Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 84

hellllllo family!!!

so i guess the first order of business would be to announce the transfers! so my short time missionary companion got his call to serve here in brasil in the mission Belo Horizonte! he will report the 26th of september. he is super excited and it was great to see him open his call. he was the only one who got 'transfered'. 
i stayed yet one more because i will have to present this area to the new guy. im super excited because i will be able to pass my birthday here! irmã lizete is going to throw a party for me and her daughter who will have her birthday on the 29th :)

so just some good things that happened this week. i wasn't robbed again! my comp left a little early so he can start getting all of his things ready for his real mission so we were in a group of three since friday. it was kind of a challenge because there are people who are reforming our beautiful (ugly) house which is such a blessing, but now all three of us have to stay while they work in the afternoon. some of the days we were able to arrange a division so that one group could do visits.  i climbed on our roof to look in the old water tank and i think that was a mistake. i discovered it didn't have a lid and it was completely moldy and full of bugs. it was gross to think that i have been living with that water for 4 months. thankfully they switched the tank today :)

one really cool thing that happened also was that we were invited to sombodies wedding! it was very different than what i am accustomed to, but i still liked it. it was a wedding from the baptist church and it was a arabic style wedding. the mission is so awesome because it is such a learning experience, and we see so many things that are new for us! im excited to look at all my photos when i get home and talk about all the stories :)

we had a zone meeting this week which was also very awesome. sadly the president didn't bring cards so i will have to wait a little longer :( maybe the next time i will just get more letters! the training was given by a bishop in the ward there. it was super good and i'm excited to apply it to see if we get more member references. 

i don't know why, but my mind is super blank this week so i don't have much to say, but if i think of something before the time runs up ill add it in. it was just kind of a weird week because half of it was spent in our house... 

what do you guys think about my return date? are yall ready to party?! i started thinking about home a little bit more and i get so excited! its great though because i am not slowing down the work here. im so excited to see yall, but so excited and motivated to finish my mission working harder than ever!

i hope that everyone is enjoying their travels! the pictures were so cool that you sent dad. i must be cool returning to the same country as your mission! i am wanting to do they same very much! were you able to speak italian well? :) i wish you all a great week and hope that you all miss me bunches because i miss you! 

next week i will send a picture with me and elder ribeiro, my next comp!

-Elder Lambert

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