Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 82

 hello my family!

random question. my buddy elder lott has a cousin who is serving in the tacoma mission. thats ours right? her name is sister esplin. yet again my mission was full of memorable moments! just some fun moments were:

one morning we decided to go hunting for little birds and lizards with slinghots in our front little area. sadly we didnt get any birds, but we were able to get a lizard! it was even running which made it more impressive!

there is a branch member here who has a friend who is doing a surgery tomorrow and needs O- blood. this morning i went to the blood donating place and gave blood for her! it was a fun thing to do because i haven't donated blood for a while and it was for a really good cause. he was really really happy when i got there to donate for her. probably everyone thinks i am a drug using missionary because i have a hole in my arm now. 

last monday we had a cool family night and were able to bring the less active member and his three kids. they really liked it which was good. sadly they didnt go to church though

so today we also went to a huge jesus statue! jonatas gave us a ride and we hung out with him for a bit. it was fun to take some pictures with the giant statue. hopefully i will be able to see the real one some day in rio de janeiro!  

this week also was a record for me throwing up! one day this lady made lemon juice for us that was made with the peel and everything. it was so horrible but so from her heart so i had to drink alot. walking back home i threw up in the street...

we had a really cool activity also again this week. ever since we started doing activities, more people have showed up every week. i hope that it keeps happening like this so our branch can get really strong! the sunday attendance was the highest its been since i got here this last week! we had 8 investigators at church!

it was my buddy's birthday this week (Thays) and i made a cool pudding thing for her! i hope she liked my present! it was also the birthday of an old man at the old folks home. we all chipped in to by him a t-shirt and went there on his b-day. he absolutely loved it :) its so awesome making people happy! 

now just some random questions... when will be our trip? which dates will we travel? im really excited to relax with all everyone! i still have no word about the release date. i called the secretaries this week but no response. i will try again.

i love you all sooo much!
-Elder lambert

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