Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 58

gabriels baptism!!!

hello friends and family!!!

so i guess i will talk about the most exciting thing first! i ate pizza this week! haha just kidding, so as you can tell by the pictures, gabriel was baptized! it was the coolest baptism ive been to yet. there were so many people there supporting him and the spirit was so strong. and the coolest thing of all is that he chose me to baptize him! after the baptism he bore a super stong testimony about how we have changed his life and the true church of christ.  there were some special hymns that the branch sung and he was crying the whole time. it was so awesome :) 

on sunday he was confirmed and recieved the holy ghost. he bore his testimony again because it was testimony sunday. it was so cool and everybody loved it :) he promised to help more of gods children come to church and find the path that he has found. i think he will help us out alot in our work here.

sadly, junior disappeared a little. on wednesday, we had a super awesome lesson with him and some members that he loved. he marked a visit the next day and said he would go to the baptism and church again. when we went there the next day, he wasnt there. he also didnt go to church or the baptism :( we will pass by his house tonight to see if we can find him home. i really hope so because he was progressing alot! 

we found another great guy named carlos on saturday. we will keep working alot with him and keep you posted on what happens. 

during my studies, i read mormon chapter 9 the other day. i don't remember reading this chapter before, but it is so good! every scripture was super cool and i challenge everyone to read it this week, its so perfect with the restoration. it explains really clearly that God needs to continue the same way he was before. it explains the necessity of a prophet and god talking with everyone. 

and with the packages, i got the insoles and the deodorant. i'm looking for cool stuff here to send home or to keep with me until i go home to give to y'all. ive been slacking off a little bit with giving cool things as presents. 

congrats on the training mom! i bet you are in better shape than i am. i can walk forever, but run, not so much. it was great hearing about the little things that are going on. my bet for mels baby is this saturday! lets see if im right :) i'm interested in what the prize is!
it has been great working with the new missionary. he has such a strong testimony and the people can tell when he teaches. at times i think it would be nice to be a convert because i feel like my testimony would be stronger. growing up in the church we have testimonies, but we dont really realize it. we never got to experience the difference in our lives. converts get to feel that black and white. for me i know i have a testimony, but it was obtained over such a long period of time that i feel just normal somtimes. however, i am so grateful to have been born in the church, i dont think i would have ever converted if someone came to my house as a missionary. it is SO important for parents to raise their kids right in the church, and thats what you and mom did!

i love you all, you are the best!
-Elder Lambert

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