Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 61

hello family!

so this weeks problem with the computer is that the space bar doesnt work very well..,. its funny how there is ALWAYS a problem :) i got sooooo excited when i saw the pictures of baby sophie! she is so cute and has so much hair! mel and dave will be great parents. some day i iwll have the same luck! to respond to the question about the mission, i recommend bringing a fitted and a flat sheet. i sleep in my hammock every once in a while, but not always. 

so today is transfers! i just found out now actually! i will stay here with my companion, but the argentino will leave. this transfer will be another 5 week transfer, so it will pass really fast! im glad that i am staying :) the branch president told us that he likes us so much that he called the mission president and told him that we have to stay here to help the branch :) 

so this week was full of adventures and divisions. on tuesday i went to a city called altos to work with elder black. it was really fun to work with him again and we had a great time. the day i was there was the day they were having the biggest party during the year. Ive never seen so many drunk people! there were tables and chairs that filled the whole city and everybody was drinking! all the people would just pee in the street and keep drinking. it was really interesting. one really cool thing that happened is that we saw monkeys! you can see him in the picture :)

thursday we had a big family night really far away from home. it was at the house of a member, and he invited a bunch of his buddies. it was really fun and had really good food :) as it was ending, it started to rain REALLY hard. its starting to rain alot here and it was not the best time to  rain because we had to get home and we were super far away.

on friday, thepresident passed by our house really fast, so that was a surprise! he was just dropping off some supplies. i also got some letters! that is alwaysfun :) when we went to visit a member her cousin surprised us and was there. i dont remember if you guys remember hearing about Naira, but we almost baptized her a while ago, but she had to return home. it was really fun to see her again and talk abit. she is just here for 10days and will return.

saturday i traveled in the morning to altos to do a baptismal interview and in the afternoon i did a division. i never worked much in my area this week. its nice to mix things up every once in a while. at night we had another really cool family night that was also very far from home. it was definitely worth the walk though. 

yesterday we had a very tasty lunch, which is always a good thing. we passed the whole day in meetings which made it so we couldnt work, but we made some really cool plans with the branch. at night, we all woke up when we heard some noises outside. some people had climbed the front of our house at midnight and got onto the balcony. they stole our two fans that were outside because we had been cleaning. it was kind of scary and now im nervous that someone will break into the house. i will buy some more locks today!

gabriel blessed the sacrament which was SO cool to watch. i loved it :) 

i'm super happy and everything is great! ilove you all! 
-Elder Lambert

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