Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 57

heeeelllllllooo family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i guess the big news of the week is transfers! i was selected to stay here in the wonderful place of campo maior! i was super happy to stay here because i love this area soo much! the other news is that i will continue as the district leader, but i will also train! i am training a missionary named Elder Waltenberg, pronounced Valtenberg. he is 24 and from a state called Rondónia here in brasil. one cool thing is that he only has a year and two months as a member of the church! there were also some other changes in the district. the missionary from argentina still lives with us and another brasileiro. now i will be speaking lots of portuguese, but my companion speaks english pretty well so i will help him. 

transfers: monday night we went around to visit all the members so that elder benally could say goodbye. the best part was that throughout the night, we ended up getting 8 liters of pop :) we stayed up late packing his things so that he could leave the next day. he left tuesday afternoon and i was pretty sad because he was a great companion. we got along really well and had the FUNNIEST moments together. the transfer went by so fast with him. because my misisonary is new, i had to go get him in teresina and get some more trainings. 

teresina: it was a fun little travel to get to teresina. i went by myself, but met up with a missionary there (elder peterson). just the two of us will be training this transfer. it was really cool because the president talked to us and said that he is tired of people doing a bad training job so he chose two people in the misison who he thought will train the best! that made me really happy to hear because i am really trying my best. its nice to hear a little reward every once in a while :) elder Peterson was really happy to hear that too. tuesday night we slept in the mission home which was fun because elder Rais was there! he was my trainer and it was great to catch up with him. wednesday, we passed the day with the president and the assistants receiving trainings. it was fun to be with elder spackman again also and to catch up on things. this night i did a division with elder rais, it was fun teaching with him again especially because i can teach now! my companion has some knee problems, so instead of returning to campo maior on thursday, we passed the whole day going between hospitals and physical therapists to find out the problem and the solution. it was pretty fun going just cruisin in Teresina and being able to get my way around. who thought that would ever happen. i remember when i used to be terrified of being left alone or doing something like that. i love it now :) its so cool!! we got back to campo maior thursday night. while i was in teresina, i picked up two envelope things i had there. thanks mom! i have a question though, one of the packages said that it had pens... did it really? it didnt have pens in it. also, the christmas card must have fallen in a puddle so it didn't work to read the card and the picture is all a blur, can you mail another? thanks! 

pictures: me and elder benally, me and elder waltenberg 

Gabriel was interviewed on saturday and passed and chose me to baptise him! he will be baptized on friday! yay. i'm super happy for him and i know he will be a strong leader in the church. we were also able to mark a date for the 16th of march with somebody named J_____. he has been loving the messages and went to church this sunday. he really liked church and we will pass by his house with some members this week. i think the only difficulty will be for him to stop drinking, he likes parties... BUT, the book of mormon solves all problems. thats something i learned here, and he loves the book of mormon!

i'm so happy to be here in the mission right now. especially here in campo maior. i feel so much love here! the other night the branch invited me to a dinner/date night with the couples of the branch. it was so funny to be there with my companion and the food was so good! always at church i am talking with all the men and women and they just make me so happy. i promise i do miss my family though!! this awesome branch just helps alot. i will be sad the day that i have to leave :( i think i will stay two more transfers though so i can finish the new guys training.

just a heads up for nat, somebody in the branch wants to talk with her on faccebook. she loves to talk to the sisters of the missionaries and she will type everything in english and when you respond, she will translate it to portuguese. her name is Débora Raveina. when you see this name, dont freak out, just add her :)

photos:dinner/date night
i love you all and wish you all the best always! you are such great people :)
-Elder Lambert 

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