Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 60

Hello my family!!!

this week was yet another great week in my life as a missionary. i bet you guys are getting sick of me saying that, but it happens every week! being a missionary is so great :) this week we received mail and it was great to get some of the MissionTies letters and hear about the updates of the fam! mel sent me a picture and is soo big! i never imagined that a girl so small could get so fat! i also loved the picture of anne and her new disney sandals+her thankyou card! i'm glad you guys are enjoying the juices. if there are any you guys really like, let me know and i will buy more. i tried to buy all the kinds that they dont have in the US. i also got a letter from Elder Paxman, or now Tanner. it was so weird to get a letter knowing that he is already home! time flies huh? before you know it, i'll be going home too. its so nuts because i got an email from one of my buddies, kailey sherman, and she will be going to the brasil fortaleza mission! thats my next door neighbor! its sooo crazy how much stuff is happening in this time that i am gone. i left home and the US got all crazy! i think i need to return soon :) transfers will already happen next tuesday! its nuts that i might only have 8 more days here...

sooo gabriel... he is great as always! he received the aaronic priesthood this sunday, but it was after the meetings so it didnt work for him to pass the sacrament. we will try to leave with him a couple times this week to do some visits with us! he has some friends that he wants us to visit. 

we had a really cool zone conference on tuesday and we learned some cool stuff. the president promised us that if we have 12 families in our teaching group, we will baptize every week of our misison. we started working to expand our group. its so hard to find so many families! we will keep trying. this week we cut alot of people and tried to find new to refresh our group. after the conference, one of the zone leaders traveled back with me so we could do a division. it was fun working with him and we had a good time. on thursday, i did another division with the other elders in our house. its always fun to work with other people and get to know the investigators in their areas. this week i will do three more divisions! life is busy as a leader, but way fun!

we are working really hard to baptize mirismar and her two kids. the kids already accepted, but she is a little hesitant, she knows the church is true and that she needs to be baptized, its just that she is afraid to fall away afterwards. we will keep working alot with her and try to baptize her family on the 30th of this month! i will keep y'all updated! 

lately we have been able to work alot with the members in the branch. its really cool because they all love us so much! the presidency of the branch is super excited to work with us too. they tell us we are the best companionship that has passed through campo maior in a long time :) its nice to be recognized every once in a while for our work! 

i love you all and will keep you in my prayers! keep me updated on EVERYTHING!

-Elder lambert

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