Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 59


that was such a shock to hear that tanner is already home!! wow, time flies so fast! . i'm so excited to hear about the baby! be sure to take LOTS of pictures and send them to me! 

im glad that you got my package! i was so nervous when i sent it because it was SUPER expensive... i wanted to tell you guys so you could wait for it to come, but i also wanted it to be a surprise. i hope everyone likes everything!

on tuesday we had a zone meeting again which means we woke up at 4:45 to travel! yay! the meeting was great and we also had a leadershiop meeting after. it was fun to talk about all the interesting stuff with the leaders. sadly, i received no letters at the meeting :( i was thinking about some things that you guys could send me :) one, is voice recordings! one time dad sent me one of his car and i put it on a USB and listened to it in the house. just record it on dads iphone and email it to me. also deodorant. i am about to start my last one. send me more than one if possible, then you can wait a bit to send more. 

gabriel is doing great, he is preparing to recieve the priesthood next sunday and he will bless the sacrament! 

there is a lady who is in our ward and her daughter just moved in with her. her name is mirismar. her mom brought her to church two weeks ago and we started to teach her and her two sons. they are super cool and went to church this last week too. they liked the message of the restoration and will read and pray about the BOM. i think it is very possible to baptize these people soon! the only problem is that if she cant find work before the end of the month, she will have to move back to southern brasil. we are trying to help her find a job so that she can stay :) i know that if she stays, one day she will be baptized, i just dont know if she will stay or if i will still be here. this transfer is only 5 weeks, so there are just two more weeks! it is so cool to see how gratefull this lady's mom is that we are helping. it has been her dream to have the rest of her family enter the church, but nothing has ever happened. this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill her dreams! its so cool how as missionaries, we can be the answers to people's prayers. 

sorry that this weeks email wasnt THAT exciting, there wasnt much that happened this week. i'm looking online for cool portuguese scriptures to buy and keep as a keepsake.

i love you all!
-Elder Lambert


  1. What is elder Lambert's lds email?? I would love to tell him my news of being called to Brazil a couple months ago! Thanks!