Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 55

hello my wondrous family!

i have sooo many funny things to tell you about this week. i just hope that i can remember them all! we are getting down to the last week here for the transfer so maybe by the next email i will already know the results. and good news- i remembered everything to send pictures! because i am sending a lot, i had to reduce the file size so i can send more. i hope you don't mind! also, the mail office is closed because of carnival, the letters will have to wait until next week. also, i don't know yet if i have gotten any packages. i will let you know when i find out!

my district
the dam/bridge that we cross
 my shirt for 1 year
 my shirt burning
 the day i made one year in my planner

first of all, i am soo soo happy to hear that Aunt Cynthia is doing better health wise this week! And i will keep Grandpa John in my prayers.i get so nervous when stuff happens and i am so far away and pass a week without finding out anything... thanks for all the updates!

i am so jealous about all this skiing! also hearing that people wont go with dad- for all those people who thought it was too cold, you can come here to experience what is more than too hot...

maria de deus' baptism
 waiting for the bus
 the black mamba
 the hospital

so the first item of buisiness; zone meeting on tuesday. so we had a meeting with the zone on tuesday in teresina. this meeting started at 8, which means we had to wake up at 4:45 to get there on time! yay campo maior! the meeting was 10 hours ALL about how to plan your month. it was sooo long, but i learned so much good stuff. i have never had a 10 hour training just on planning though. the meeting ended at 6:30 and we went to get a bus to go back to campo maior. the first bus passed after 2 HOURS. we had to wait forever and when it was coming we all jumped up and started waving and it just went right past... the next one came after another 2 HOURS and it did the same thing! it was so funny that we had to wait so long for the buses, and when they finally came they didn't stop! after this happened, we decided that we had to take a bus to the big bus station and we bought a ticket to leave at 12 (midnight) we ended up getting back home past 1. it was a very interesting night but soo funny. its frustrating, but i think experiences like this are soo funny :) i have a picture of us waiting :) 

also as you can see for the next picture, i designed a little sock snake called 'the black mamba'. he is designed to help people wake up on the right time because there is someone in our house who always sleeps past the time to get up. when i figure out how to send videos home, you will see him in action. just to explain a little bit, you sneak up on the person while singing the jaws music and when the music gets intense and you get close, you smack them in the face really hard :) its soooo funny and i have already used him many times this week. i guarantee you will like the video.

a sad item of news is that we discovered a problem that will slow down the baptismal process of g_____ a little bit. we are working super hard to resolve everything though and we should get everything squared away soon!

another exciting thing is that i got sick again! i'm not really sure what happened, but on saturday i woke up with a 102 fever and stayed like that the whole day with diarrhea and throwing up. at night time our neighbor who is a member decided to take me to the hospital. we all went to the hospital which is very interesting during carnival. carnival is when everyone gets super drunk for a week and lots of bad things happen. a guy walked in who was shot in the foot by the police, someone had their chin cut off and a bunch of other stuff. i told the doctor what i was feeling and like everything, he told me to get an IV. all public hospitals give you this. you could have a hangnail and they would give you an IV, they never even tell you whats wrong, its super funny. they decided to put me on a bed next to a passed out drunk guy who got stabbed in the head (hes on the other bed in the picture, also notice my tan line...) i guess you could say this sickness kinda ruined my day... i stayed home all Saturday and Sunday, but i'm better now! i lost 8 pounds in these two days... 

there has been tons of noise because of carnival, but we havent seen anything because we have had to go home every night at 6. i took a picture of the square that has all the parties, but nothing is there during the day. 

this week, we also started a prank battle among the companionships. it all started when i decided to take out the part of the bed frame that supports the mattress of the other companionship. when they sat down, they fell through, it was super funny. they got me back by filling the shower head with stawberry juice powder, then i got them back by filling it with chicken seasoning :) later when we all went running together, me and elder benally ran home faster to grab water balloons that we had pre-filled (thanks amy!) and nailed them with those. the war is still going, and i am very open to new ideas (hint hint dave!). 

this week was super interesting but i loved it. the mission is great and the church is true. 
i love all of you and hope you enjoyed this email!!

-Elder Lambert

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