Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 54

hello my dearest friends and family!

this week was super great like always. i'm sad to hear about so many problems with health in the family. i will be sure to pray super hard to help everyone. it was fun to hear about the super bowl though from dad! i'm so out of the loop on everything. its super weird to have no idea what is going on with stuff that is such a big deal. i hope that all the skiing is going well and that there will be lots of snow! i also hope that there will be even more snow next year! 

this week had some really cool things that i would love to talk about. also, i have a good computer!! but i forgot my sd card again :( one day i will get these pictures through!

so saturday was the baptism of maria de deus. the baptismal service was really special and really spiritual. she absolutely loved it and said that she felt really really good. she is the grandmother of a guy who was less active. its so cool to see how through his reactivation he has brought more reactivations and also a baptism to the family. later this week we will go to visit more members of this family. they said that with the baptism of the mom/grandma of everyone, its likely that lots of people will follow. she also got confirmed on sunday ad loved receiving the spirit. she was definitely the oldest person i have baptised yet! it made me so happy seeing how happy she was. we cant hug girls, but she didnt know so after the baptism, she gave me the biggest hug ever. i could barely breathe, but it felt so good. i could really feel the gratitude that she has. 

also a really cool miracle that happened is a man named gabriel. i made a goal this last week to teach more people that are less active. we had already visited a less active kid a couple of times and he has never wanted anything, but we felt we should visit him anyways. as we got there, he was home, but his older brother answered the door. he asked us if we wanted to come in anyways and we were thinking about just saying that we would come back a different day, but he told us to come in before we could respond. as we were talking to him, he kept looking to my book of mormon and he said, i dont know why, but i really feel like i should read that book. we taught him about the book of mormon and he was really interested. we came back later in the week and explained the restoration and he loved it. he is really liking reading and asks really good questions. we invited him to the baptism on saturday, church on sunday, piano class on wednesday, and english class on thursday and he wanted to go to all of them. we followed up with him yesterday about how things are. he loved the baptism and thought it was very interesting and he loved church also. he said that he will go every sunday for the rest of his life. he kept telling us that usually he doesnt like to accept people or do what they tell him to, but he said that he feels super strong that he needs to do all these things. at the end of the lesson before we even got to the baptismal invitation, he said, before you guys leave, i want you to baptize me. i was so happy when he said that! it was such a cool experience and cool to see how the spirit works with people when they are willing to receive promptings. we marked a date for the 16th of this month! we will see if we can get him interviewed and ready to go by saturday!

carnival is coming! the 8-12 we have to come back home at 6 at night to study and clean the house. we cant be out during carnival because it will get really crazy... 

i have been studying some really cool things this week that i really liked. firstly, i got the new for the strength of youth and i love it! it has alot more stuff and it is so good! i'm going through and highlighting it and everything. also, i studied a really cool thing in jesus the christ. it was talking about how the atonement of christ for us is like plants and animals. it said that a mineral cannot become a living thing, a plant cannot become an animal etc. HOWEVER, a plant can suck up minerals and raise them to their level and an animal can eat a plant which raises the level of the plant. its the same with the atonement. we cant become immortal with our forces, we cant pay for our sins. HOWEVER, through christ, he raises us up so we can! it was such a cool analogy :) i just started reading this book this week and set up a plan to finish before the end of the mission. also, congrats dad for finishing!!!

i'm having alot of fun with elder benally and we get along great. this morning i made french toast with syrup for all the elders and they loved it! i really really love the members here and i hope that i will be able to stay here for a long time. i'm super sorry about the lack of pictures again, but i will send them next week!

i love you bunches and bunches!
-Elder Lambert

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