Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 56

hello my dearest family!!!

this email kind of surprised me because of some sad news that happened in the family. i hope everyone is doing well and know that you are all in my thoughts and my prayers!! today is the day that we find out about transfers, however i still do not know! you might all have to wait until the next email. this week was yet another great week and happily a week without sickness!

this week were able to teach ALOT of lessons. it felt really good to have every slot filled with plans and that we passed every day teaching. we took one day of the week to just visit people who are inactive which was really fun because we got to meet lots of new people. it was cool because one of them went to church this sunday and loved it! i hope he will be able to go next week also. its a really cool feeling to see people who have known the happiness that the church has brought them and help them get this happiness back.

one day we also had a service project that was way cool. there was a mother of a member and behind her house was always a bunch of water. this would bring tons of mosquitos and gross bugs. we went over there with a couple of men and we dug a huge hole in the back and filled it up with a bunch of rocks. it was really fun doing something a little different and it was great doing some manual labor again. my hands have gotten so soft that i get blisters from sweeping the house... the project was on saturday and i'm still pretty sore. hopefully his mom will start to be a little more interested soon!

another exciting thing is that I made a plan to read jesus the christ before the end of my mission. i planned out how much i need to read each transfer and marked it in my book. i'm really liking the book so far!
g_______ is progressing super fast and his baptismal date is for the next week! he wants to serve a mission so bad and is already stronger than alot of members. he spent the whole day yesterday studying the ensign and reading the book of mormon. he is super excited to get a calling after his baptism so that he can help more in the branch. its really cool too because he wants to help reactivate his younger brother. the last time we went, he gave us goiaba ice cream :)

it has been raining a ton here lately and the streets are always flooded! it reminds me of home! except here, all the water stays in the street... we have been getting soaked every day, but its kinda nice :) also there has been some really cool lightning everyday. its crazy how often it is. there is seriously a bolt of lightning every 10 seconds. BIG lightning too. the weird part is that there is hardly any thunder; i dont know how that works...
i hope everyone is hangin in there. you are all in my thoughts and prayers! i love you all SO much!
-Elder Lambert

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