Monday, January 28, 2013

week 53

hello friends and family!

it seems like almost every week i say that i am on the worst computer ever, but this week it is very true. already 35 minutes of my 1 hour has passed and i have only sent one email of 4 lines... i hope i can get this one off! i'm sorry to make you guys wait yet again to get pictures. there is no way this computer can send anything other than a basic email. there were a couple exciting things that happened this week that i am excited to report!

first of all, maria de deus is getting back from her trip soon and we will get the baptism all planned out! she has been in teresina and she even went to church there this sunday! i'm so excited for her and she is also :) 

on sunday i gave a church talk about missionary work. it was a very easy topic for me to prepare for. i absolutely love this topic! i taught about how cool it is that we can help god bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man and how it is our privilege. i also talked about member missionary work and everyone loved it. 

we almost had a really cool baptism, but sadly it wont work out. there was a cousin of a recent convert visiting and she has been to church 4 times here and we have already taught her everything and she really wants to be baptized. sadly her mom wont let her :( she has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon and prayer.

we ate at somebodies house who has a lime tree in their yard and i picked some limes. later when we had coca cola, i put them in my coke! it was super good and it reminded me of dad. he loves coke with lime. also one day, our neighbors were having chicken fights. they were all standing in a ring and betting on chickens. they would put spikes on their necks and legs and set them against each other. it was very interesting to watch and im guessing its something ilegal...

on thursday, we had a meeting with the president and two zones here. it was fun to travel a bit to get there and he taught about some pretty cool things. afterwards, we had interviews. i really really liked my interview because i was able to ask lots of questions about stuff. he also said that he was very impressed with the work that i am doing.

i made a year in the mission this last week so that was pretty cool! i miss home alot and a year is still a long time to go, but the time has gone by sooo fast until now! i imagine the time will fly by and i'll be home before i know it! i burned one of my shirts which was fun and took some pictures and a video. some member also made us some really good juice :) just one year until i return home!

sadly my time is already out with this tiny email!
just know that i love you all and you are always in my prayers!]
-Elder Lambert

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