Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 52

hello my dearest family!!

so this was another great week here in campo maior! i am liking this area alot alot. the members of the branch are sooo cool and i already have so many friends. i hope that i will work here for a long time!

so this week me and my companion will both make a year on the mission! we will for sure throw a mini party in our house. he is from new mexico by the way mother. i'm super excited to burn a shirt and will be sure to take some pictures and video. sadly i forgot my SD card with my pictures today.

some great news is that maria de deus was interviewed to be baptized! she will be traveling this saturday, so we will baptize her on the 2nd. the zone leaders came to do the interview so it was really fun to talk to them for a bit, and they also brought letters! i had some letters from christmas still and some others from friends that were oh so great :) i will try to write back as fast as possible! i now have a post office so that will help alot. 

me and elder benally are working really hard to get some solid families to teach. we are working hard all day and getting some great numbers. there was one lesson that we taught to a recent convert and her cousin who we have ready to be baptized pretty much, but she lives in a different state and will be returning soon. she was here to visit for a couple weeks and has already been to church 3 times. we started teaching her and she loves it. maybe we can get her to stay longer or she can come back to be baptized later. the only problem is that we dont have enough time to do the interview. 

the lunches here are funny. we have to walk so far to get to lunch when i get there i devour everything. i have never experienced such hunger in my life. lately i have been eating 3 plates of food every lunch (big plates too). all the chicken runs out, but i continue with just rice and pasta. sometimes i pack a snack with me just to eat on the way to lunch. 

on thursday we have a meeting in teresina and interviews with the president. it will be fun to travel back to my homeland and see some of the missionaries there. i love hearing the president speak becasue he is such an inspired man! hopefully i will get some more letters :) 

i'm super happy because i am working hard and i am really excited. the mission is so great and its sooo cool hearing about everyone who is leaving out for missions! its also nuts that andy is returning!!! i feel like he left yesterday! before you know it, i will be home too... skiing :) the mission has got me really motivated to work and study really hard. i dont know why, but i'm super excited for both of those. i'm so happy to be a servant of god and help him in his gorious work 'to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of man'
i love you all!
-Elder Lambert

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