Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 51

hello my dear family!!!
area: Campo Maior       Companion: Elder Benally
so as you can probably tell by the statement above, i was transfered! i am now in an area called campo maior which in english means 'bigger field'... i am loving the area super alot but it is also humongous! we dont have a ward here yet, its still a branch which is even cooler. i have always wanted to work in a branch because i feel like they need alot more help. our house here is super funny because its about 10 meters by 3, but two stories. its really small and just goes up :) we dont have a church here yet either, so we meet in a house that they kinda turned into a church. i will send a photo of the inside. so my companion's name is elder benally. i dont know if that sounds familiar to you, but if you remember, he was in the same group as me in the CTM! what are the chances huh? i am the district leader here and i manage 3 areas. i live here with elder benally and elder giordano (argentina) and elder silveira (brasilian who also came in my group).
i attached some pictures of happenings before i left

that was fun hearing about the seahawks and how they are doing! its so hard to hear about all this skiing stuff! i want to ski sooo bad! but on the bright side, i'm sure there are some people in the US who are wanting more sun also. lets just say that i have plenty of that...
just some random things mother that would be very nice is that new pair of insoles, just to remind you, and also deodorant. i'm on my last stick.... i would prefer old spice or degree or something like that if possible! you are the best!
so now the info about the week.
so the transfer happened. it was super hard saying goodbye to some of the people, especially m****'s family. they finally all went to church and they were starting to really progress and now i left :( his mom was so sad when i told her and she started to cry and gave me a huge hug. it was really funny because it was such a surprise hug i didnt know what to do about it. i really feel like if i had a couple more weeks, i could have baptized them. it was funny on the bus coming to campo maior because for some reason i was assigned the seat for the handicapped people... it was in the front by itself. everyone was looking at me weird, but hey, i had alot of leg room :) when i got here in campo maior, i got off the bus and went to sit down on the bench to wait for everyone. after about an hour with nobody showing up i started to get a little worried because i had no cell phone and had no idea where i was. when it got to about 2 hours of just waiting by myself, i was starting to get a little more antsy, but then they showed up. i love our house because its so funny looking. i'll send pictures next week.
i dont know if just a miracle happened or if i was really born here in campo maior because everyone thinks im brasilian. its so funny because they get confused when i talk because they say i look nothing like a brasilian, but i speak perfectly, without accent. there is almost nothing that makes me feel better than to hear people say that. it keeps happening too! everyone says i speak without accent here...
we have been working super hard and i'm really excited to light up this area. the president said that we have to work hard to get the branch really going and that gave me alot of motivation. its cool because the president has so much confidence in me right now. we are preparing a super old lady to be baptized that is really awesome. she went to church and said she will never miss a day. we found her through a man who was reactivated. we also managed to get her less active granddaughter to church. they are the ones in the photo. her name is maria de deus (mary of god).
on saturday we traveled to a city called altos to do some baptismal interviews. it was a fun little journey and i got to explore the area.
I need to go now - but I love you all!
-Elder Lambert

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