Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 41

heeellllo my dearest friends and family!

so this week was a week of lots and lots of work and few results sadly, but it was great all the same. i am just kinda coming over the sickness that i have had for over a week now :( and i got my package mom and loved it! i love the books, they are perfect, and everything else in it! the music also works great! thats so exciting you went shooting! that is an utter nigtmare imagining you and nat shooting guns, but i was happy to hear you are still living and well. so the elections are tomorrow huh? you will have to send me the results next week! the pictures were super cute that amy sent me of halloween. anne and will are so cute together :) i also recognized that jeremy was wearing my clothes, im glad somebody still loves them.

monday-we had a really great p-day with a family where the dad is strugglin a little bit in the church and the mom's sister who is not a member and her husband. the movie was super awesome that we watched. its called fire proof and talks about a marriage that is ending but through effort and god they were able to save their marriage and make it all the better. it had a great message :) and this week at church the whole family was there!

elder davis burning his 1 year mark shirt

tuesday- the district meeting was great and i taught a really funny lesson that all the people loved :) one thing that i have learned alot is how to public speak and teach about anything on the spot. we had a very productive day which was great and at night we had a super awesome family night with our friends who help us out and their family. everyone is kind of inactive or not members and we gave a lesson on agency from a conference talk. they really liked it and i think it went really well.

wednesday-today all of our plans fell through, like EVERYTHING. that was kind of a bummer so we visited members all day to help them out with things and to see how they are doing. they get really happy because none of the old misisonaries would ever visit them, so they like our visits. 

thursday- this was another day where lots of plans fell through, but we had a great lesson with a family at night. their names are domingos and conceição and they have three kids. they were super happy that we came back to visit them and they were all waiting for us. they all have great hearts and i love to talk with them.

friday-today we decided to contact all the old investigators from the old missionaries because we are short on investigators... this was a great idea, but didnt work out. we just walked the whole day and contacted a ton of them with no good results. BUT i know we will be blessed in some way :) at night we contacted a reference that went really well. im not really sure how this family works, but there were four members (i dont know their relation). we also were able to find a less active home that we have been trying to find for a while. he has a drinking problem so we talked about that and happily he came to church this sunday! the power went out again which kinda stunk. here, the power is always going out and the water is always running out too...

saturday-today we also passed by lots of members and some less actives. it went really well and we were inviting all of them to church. at night we went back to domingos and conceição which was great again. i felt a little bad though because they wanted to give us dinner, but we were fasting so we had to decline :( i had a desire though! 

sunday-we had our early morning meetings that went well and church went well too. we had some investigators and some less actives there. at night we taught some lessons, did another family night, and went home to sleep. 

monday-our companions returned this morning! i have only worked 2 days with my companion... we also went to a shopping center to buy something called tereré. its super good :) we have a couple lessons planned tonight that will be super awesome i think :)

the mission is great, and i am happy! i am glad to hear that everything is going great with all of you also! keeop me posted on how you are doing. i wrote some letters, but there is no post office here... i dont know when i can sent them out,,, i hope soon!
i love you all and thanks for the love and support :)
-Elder Lambert

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