Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 42

hello my beloved family :)

i am 100% better this week which is awesome. i am learning so much working with elder spackman. i really like the way that he works and we have so much stuff to do! we were able to recieve 20 references throughout the week and we are working our tails off to try to contact all of them. we were also able to meet some new families that are super duper cool. the water only disappeared one time i think, so that was really good and we went the whole week with electicity! God is really blessing us now. its funny that christian said this is one of the hottest places in the world, because i'm pretty sure it is. everyone here talks about how you can take a bus to arrive in Hell :) also that the devil came here one time and said it was too hot and he wanted to return back to his place. its so wierd hearing about all those missionaries getting home and giving homecomings! before i know it, it will be me also. this transfer is going by super super fast. That is also sooooo awesome about the mission calls! its nuts that it was just announced that girls can leave sooner and already people are getting their calls. im so excited for megan, kember, and mcKenzie! Tereré is a kind of drink here. you put this stuff in a cup that looks like grass clippings and you put water on top and drink it through a straw. it looks like something that should be illegal... elder spackman said that he wanted a little surprise for a christmas present :) i was thinking also; i have given away all my shorts and i  would love another pair. here its funny because everyone wears swimsuits as shorts. can you send my my coolest looking swimsuit for me :) one thats crazy, or my DC one. you are the best! 

monday-at night after pday we went to a less active members house to have a little snack with him and talk. he loves to talk about very deep doctrine stuff and its super awesome. one thing the mission has really taught me is how cool the scriptures are. i LOVE studying the scriptures. it is so much fun to look at all the notes and search for stuff.

tuesday-we went to a different less actives house and helped her out alot. she was so happy that we are helping her. we planned a goal to help her get to the temple :) at night we met a new family. they are a married couple that have 4 kids. it is soooo much fun when you can teach a real family. the spirit was there so strong and we taught about eternal families. it was cool because we were able to bring a member lady who lives down the dirt road and they liked her alot. the families names are; Valdinar and ivaneide (parents), mariana, maxwell, mariaclara, and monica.

wednesday- we passed the day teaching today and at night we got to go to the house of the cool family in elder davis' area (conceção and domingos). they gave us dinner which was super good. we spent the night laughing and talking. i have a super strong love for the family and am sad i wont be able to work with them much because they dont live in my area. 

thursday- we did a service project for someone who is unable to work. he had a mini jungle behind his house and we cut everything down and stacked it in a huge pile for him to burn. it was really fun working with machettis and destroying a bunch of stuff. he got super happy and was overwhelmed. i love service :) 

friday-we had another service project this day which was fun also. we helped someone cement their walls so they could paint it. we helped making all the cement and carrying it around and stuff. once again this family got super happy and gave us lunch :) we also had a very successful day. nothing fell through and we met some new people! we were able to meet one couple who accepted to be baptized on christmas and we talked alot with acelino about his baptism. he is ready to be baptized but his wife isnt progressing. we marked a date for his baptism the 24th of this month. we are thinking it will help speed her up and motivate her. acelino is really excited. 

saturday- we were able to mark a date with the lady who went to church the last sunday (maria de jesus) and she accepted to prepare to be baptized on the 8th of december. its really cool to start seeing all the results of our work. we were working super hard, but nothing was realy happening, but this week was filled with awesome stuff.

sunday-we had two families go to church! acelino and leidimar went and loved it. i got so so excited. also, maxwell and mariana, and some other people. our ward has been at about 120/130 as the attendance, but this week was 154! we were able to get lots of inactives there and investigators. i was so happy :) we recieved an enormous amount of references yesterday and everyone got so happy that there were alot of people there. we had a super cool family night with about 30 people  there.

all in all, this week was fantastic! i will work to have every week be like this. i know the lord is blessing me so much in this work and my prayers and your prayers are being answered. thanks for all the love and support! i love you!
-Elder Lambert

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