Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 43

hello my dearest family!

i am pretty sure that i am on the worst computer ever... the mouse doesnt work which makes things really really hard... BUT i am oh so happy here in brasil. this week was very good and i am very pleased with my numbers and the people i am teaching. i was able to watch the video you sent me, but sadly this computer doesnt have sound. they look sooo cute together and it made me a little homesick. this week we have been working so much with families that i have really been thinking about you guys. i will try and send you guys a HUGE letter telling you how much i love you :) some good news is that we will baptize acelino this saturday! after a long time of teaching them, he is more than ready. we were hoping to baptize him and his wife together, but she is just not wanting it right now. we are working hard to plan a really special baptismal ceremony for him; we know that if we do everything right she will feel the spirit telling her to do the same thing. acelino is super excited and is inviting all his friends and stuff :) we have also started to do alot more street contacts to try to meet new families. elder spackman has been teaching me alot of things that i am really liking.  thats so cool also that ally will serve soooo close to me! i am so excited for her! she will have to send me a letter or give me her address so i can send one to her. 

monday-we had an awesome familiy night with acelino and leidimar in the house of an awesome member family. the lesson was really good and it really helped integrate them with some of the ward. 

tuesday-we taught one couple about the importance of marriage and they really liked it and said that they would talk to figure out what they will do. we also started to make alot more street contacts. we have a goal to get 50 addresses every week. this is really good for me because it is something that i have never liked/felt all the way comfortable doing. i am learning alot and we are starting to meet some more families because of this. 

wednesday-i didnt really work in my side of the area, so there isnt much that is exciting to report. but we were able to help a couple people.

thursday-today we visited some less active members trying to help them. that was kind of fun to meet some new people. i love talking to the people. i am still amazed that i can talk to people in a different language. it just baffles me!

friday-the couple that we taught a couple days ago about marriage decided that they dont want to get married. i dont really understand why because they already have alot of time living together and understand that it is a commandment. so we cut them.... we were also able to mark a baptismal date with maxwell. he has been to church 3 times already and wants to be baptized right now, but we are trying to baptize more of his family with him so we are waiting a little. i'm so happy that i have the right vision of baptism here and not just baptizing all the kids who dont understand and will fall away. i really want to only baptize family and if i find a kid, i really want to make sure he understands and has a testimony of everything.
saturday-we talked a bunch with acelino about his baptism and he is super excited. he started inviting everyone in the street. i am sooooo excited for his baptism. this is definitely my most important baptism yet. we also went to search for families the last couple hours of the day. we prayed to be guided and just started walking and making contacts and knocking doors and found 2 really cool families that we will return to teach!

sunday-we had a very successful day and taught lots of lessons which was awesome. i am sooooo happy right now in the mission and am loving it :) the transfer is coming up here next tuesday, but i know that i will stay here. 

i hope all of you are well! i love you all and you are alll the best :) i love you!
-Elder Derek Romney Lambert!

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