Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 40

friends and family!

so to respond to my mothers questions.
i am not in the mission home, but rather the back up mission home. when the other one gets full, they come here. the other one always gets full so about once a transfer or every other transfer there will be some other people here. my companion who is the AP is from Utah, but the kid i work with the most is from minnesota! his name is elder Davis and we get along really great. the other AP (elder davis´ companion) is from São Paulo. we do get mail more often now, everytime the ap´s go to meet with the president in the office they bring it to us :) i got a bunch of letters recently :) as of now, i cant really think of anybody who needs a christmas package. i think everyone here is pretty good off. but if you would like you could send something and i can decide who to give it to. 
as for me, this week was going great until thursday... ill let you know what happened...

monday- we had a great family night at a couples house who is preparing to get sealed. it was really good because there was also some less actives there and a couple who arent members of the church.

tuesday- we had our first district meeting here and it went really well. i really like my district, its just kinda a bummer because we have to scale a mountain pretty much to get to the other church building. elder spackman left in the morning to travel to a couple places to give trainings to other zones and he will return next tuesday (tomorrow)! at night we went on a division with some ward members that helped us teach a little more. 

wednesday- today was a very interesting day. we didnt end up teaching a single lesson with investigators, but we were able to visit alot of members to help gain their confidence and encourage them to help the ward out. we will have to do alot of small steps like this to try to save this ward. we are encouraging everyone to visit the members less active and help the active members a little more.

me leaving sobral!

thursday-i made nine months in the mission!! time is passing super fast. today was really great at the beginning, but started going downhill at the end of the day. i was teaching really good lessons, but all of a sudden felt a little sick and threw up all over the place. we kept trying to working but i was throwing up more so we went to the house :(

friday-i woke up feeling really awful and it stayed that way through the whole day. the good thing was that we had a great lesson with acelino and leidimar. we watched the restoration DVD and they really liked it. we are trying really hard to help her gain a testimony of joseph smith. at night we had a really good reunion with the ward missionaries.

part of my area!

saturday-i woke up feeling like garbage again today and again we worked! we made lunch in our house which was actually really good! i was quite proud of us :) we taught a 15 and 20 year old couple that we are trying to help marry them. also we had another great lesson with leidimar on how to stop drinking/the importance of stopping drinking coffee. she liked the ideas we had and i think this time it will work! we also taught someone who was baptized 5 months ago but was never confirmed. we went to see what had happened and she was super drunk and said she doesnt want our help... that was kinda sad...

sunday-we had to wake up early to get to a church meeting at 7. i felt even worse this day, but still went! church was very interesting. its kinda hard to see because it is so disfunctional. we will try really hard to help out this ward. at night we walked a ton because all of our plans fell through :( this did not help the little sick boy out very much. 

monday-i am even worse today, but i think its the peak of my sickness. i woke up with a fever and i feel like my head will explode, but god will bless me :) its good its pday. today should be pretty relaxed. we will just do a family night tonight which will be watching a movie about the importance of temple marriage. i hope i will wake up better tomorrow!

thanks for all your love/support/and prayers. it may sound weird, but i can really feel it here :) and good luck to all those who are turning in mission papers!

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