Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 39

hello my dearest family!

so first of all i would like to tell you what happened with the last
email. so the last pday i didnt even have an hour of time to send
email to family. the reason why i didnt have an hour is because i got
transfered! i am now oficially working in satelite, teresina. even
more exciting is that my companion is the assistant to the president,
elder Spackman! the funny thing however is that i am not the other
assistant... they were just split up so they both have junior companions
but we all live in the same house. they did this so that when they
travel, which is alot, us two juniors will work together and will have
one to know each area so we can switch days in the areas.

last week-the main event was definitely last monday. in the morning we
found out about trasfers and we went to have a huge bbq again at
sombodies house. we bought tons of meat again so
it was really a party. we hung out there for a while and then
afterwards we went to a youth activity that we organized. it was way
fun hanging out with all the youth and great to see them all bonding.
it also gave me a good chance to say goodbye to a good chunk of them.
staying 4 1/2 months in one area gives you lots of time to get really
attached to some of the members. i had alot of people to say goodbye
to and it was super hard actually. after the activity i passed by all
my family friends here, somebody gave us dinner, and another family
gave us dessert. i took tons of pictures, but this area is too
dangerous to bring your camera with you so sadly i cannot send
anything home :( there was alot of crazy stuff that happened earlier
in the week, but i dont remember really... i stayed up super late
hanging out with elder albuquerque and elder bastos just chillin
around and talking.

tuesday-i woke up and finished all my packing and made some last
minute phone calls to my buddies. we made the trek over to the bus
station to wait. i arrived here safely in teresina and went to work!

about now its hard to do an every day summary so i will give a weekly summary.

so the thing is that this ward has TONS of members but VERY few
active.. our goal is to really help the leadership of the ward
understand the importance of their callings so they will actually work
and we will work alot with less active members. we cant work with a
bunch of investigators because we dont have a ward that will support
them after the baptism. we have to strengthen and train the ward so
they can do their part and we can do ours. right now we are visiting
alot of members to gain their confidence and show them that we are
here to work and to teach them how to do their visits with the less
actives. there are a ton of less actives because the other
missionaries came through just baptizing little kids who had no chance
staying active. right now we will only work with the ward or families
who will make a difference in the ward when they are baptized. this
church needs leaders. and that my friends is our goal :) we have a lot
of work to do, but we have the Lord to help us every step of the way!

to respond to my families questions... i sleep in the hammock
sometimes, but not all the time. its really nice to rest in :) that
floral tie sadly is not mine, i was just borrowing it from elder
bastos. im super excited to see what will happen now with this
new age rule. i think it was a great change. and im super glad about
all the other positive news!

thanks for all the love and support! i love you all my friends and
family and wish the best of luck to you all!!!
-Elder Lambert

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