Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 37

my beloved family and friends(i hope you read this in the voice of the conference guy)

this week was full of fun and adventure, like all the weeks! for sure the highlite of this week was conference. it was super great and super funny because it was just me and elder black watching in a small room alone. we were able to set it up in english which is nice because i love hearing their voices. like always, elder holland gave a killer talk that i absolutely loved. i did find the money in the tie mom, thanks :) also we had interviews this week and got mail! i got mail from my family!!! whoohooo!!! its so great hearing from you guys. i got my package sponsored by grandma, thanks so much! and my package from amy! it appears llike everything is coming through fine which is good. i will also send out some letters today, i was able to find a bit of time this morning! 

traveling to tianguá
the huge chapel there
monday-after p-day we went to our recent convert´s house (bruno) to play uno with him and some youth of our ward. he really liked it and is integrating very well with them. we will continue to do everything we can to help him stay in the church.

conference breakfast :)
my cake that i made
wednesday-we traveled back to sobral in the morning and at night we watched the joseph smith movie with some members and a less active girl. it was a really cool experience and everybody liked it.

thrusday-so our water disappeard which brought back nightmares of são luís... we were supposed to have our interviews at night, but the president was running way late so he told us to go to the church the next morning. someone who had the interview brought my a package i had sponsored by my grandma! it was so great to recieve licorice and jelly beans and the other goodies she gave me :) 

friday-in the morning we had our interviews. it was oh so great. he helped me alot with some questions i had and how i can be a better leader in the mission. he shared some really inspiring scriptures with me that gave me alot of motivation to work really hard. i want to start praying and fasting more to be a more spiritual person. our water came back which was good. we discovered that someone opened the cover on the outside of our house and turned the switch to the pump off.... also i had a very cool chat with elder bastos and we finished the night by drinking a glass of peach juice :)

saturday-GENERAL CONFERENCE! it was so so grat and i loved every talk. its amazing how much faster it goes by when you pay attention and actually look to learn from it. me and elder black watched in english.its so crazy that they reduced the ages that boys and girls can serve missions! i think alot alot more girls will go now. i think it will be a really cool change. also two new temples is always good :) i had my mashed potatoes and gravy that my mom sent me and a tradicional delicous conference lunch. also, we were invited to have dinner at someodies house :)

me with some other elders and a youth
my name tag reflecting someone speaking at conference

tuesday-i gave a training on how to use the scriptures in the district meeting, and afterwards i traveled to tianguá with the elders in my district that work there! every transfer i need to do divisions with all the elders in my distrct, so this day i went there! it was really funny because we got a ride in a tiny tiny van and elder deaver took up two seats almost with his humongous legs. it was crammed full so i was pretty much sitting on his lap. we got there and tianguá is great! its alot colder there! its so cool. its the coolest area in the mission. it was really fun working with elder deaver and elder ribeiro for the day and we spent the night there. in the morning it was actually cold! its the first time i have felt cold in 8 months... it was oh so great! 

sunday-conference was great again :) i loved all the talks and have so many things to work on in my life now :) in between sessions we scored some lasagna from one of the families in our ward which was delicious. after everything, elder bastos played the piano and we were singing lots of hymns with all the missionaries that were there. it was super fun and a way cool experience. 

it sounds like all is well and i hope it will continue to stay this way! i will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers! let me know if there is anything that you guys want to hear from me!

-elder lambert

me and elder black watching conference

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