Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 36

hello my dearest USA!

this week was an absolute blast! we ended up teaching alot, but also doing some really fun/different things! we worked alot with the members/less ative members which is always way good! ALSO, we scored food a TON this week. the only thing i had to buy this p-day for the following week was toilet paper and milk. i found a scale today and found out that i have already gained 5 kilos (11 pounds)... i dont really know if its a good thing or a bad thing, but regardless i am positive i will continue to gain....

soap soccer

family night with irmã alzira

so i forgot my journal, but i will try to remember everything that happened!

monday-so this p-day was awesome. we have a little tile area in our house and we plugged all the drains and filled it up with soap and water :) we played soap soccer for quite a while and everybody left with bruises all over their bodies and walking funny. BUT, it was really really fun! i have some funny videos but they are too big to attach, i will try to send them on a CD or something... it was really great at night, because a group of the young women in our ward went to visit bruno (recent convert) and he really liked it! we are doing everything to make sure that he stays firm!

tuesday-for the district meeting i gave a training about how we should share personal experiences to bare testimony more powerfully. we had a family night about how to use our free agency. it was really good for everyone in the family to hear, and also the girl had her boyfirend there! he is not a member of the church so it was really good for them too.

cake that we scored with some members :)

activity for the youth

wednesday-i did a division with elder black in his area this day. it was really fun and we had a very successful day! its always fun working with other people, especially in other areas. i love meeting the new people and looking around in different areas.

thursday-today was a very very awesome day. our plans were not falling through and we taught people in all differet kinds of groups! we also showed up at emanuel´s house to teach him, but he was playing uno, so naturally we played with him! he had two friends there who really liked us and we will start teaching them too now. 

one of my presents. i never could have guessed it was a tie...

sunday lunch BBQ (with LOTS of coke!)

friday-to be honest, i dont really remember what happened this day. we taught and worked :)

saturday-saturday we were planning to go to tianguá to do a division with the elders there, but their baptismal interview fell through. i think we will go there tomorrow. we passed the day with some members less active and after we had a youth activity at somebody's house. it was way good and i think the youth liked it alot. they used a fish hook and explained how it is easy to get hooked, but really hard to get off. they related this to stuff for the youth (drugs, dating, law of chastity, friends, beer).

me and jaredy (he turned 14 the 29th)
everyone at jaredy´s and my birthday lunch!

sunday-wooohooo!!!! 20 years old! i feel so old and wise! today was a perfect day. we had ward conference today which was way good and after we had a BBQ at one of the members houses to elebrate my birthday and the birthday of her son (jaredy). there were 6 people there and we ate tons and tons of meat and drank 12 liters of coca cola :) i bought a bunch saturday night so we could drink it there sunday :) this family is super cool so we talked to them for a long time and the mom (irmã valdira) gave me a pair of jeans from her work for my birthday! the people in the ward are so so awesome. ALSO, we scored dinner at night in the house of another family :) still the attendace of our ward is increasing which is way good.

monday-we went to the center this morning with a boy who will leave on a mission soon. we are trying to encourage him alot and give lots of support. it was fun hanging out with him during the day. we are about to go out and work and do another week in the mission! this week should pass really really fast.

irmã valdira gave me jeans for my birthday!

dinner that antoher family made for us

this week we have interviews with the president, divisions in tianguá, and general conference! i'm so exited! here the sessions will be sat/sun 1-3 and 5-7. i'm super excited to watch and for all the other stuff that will happen this week. my birthday was perfect and i want to thank everyone for the love and support!!! i love you all and wish you the best! i would love to thank my family for the presents and pictures they sent me :) they mean alot!
-Elder Lambert

me with my shirt and bag from my fam!

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